DiSer AMAs #4: imaperv

Hey pervo, what is your favourite word?

days. I am a disgrace. only 37th on the leaderboard though; the person who’s spent most time on there has played for 160 days

thank you, answer appreciated.

sub question: who would win in a fight between a very hungry cat and a magpie protecting it’s young. For reference: the cat wins if it gets to eat any of the chicks and the magpie wins if the cat fucks off, even if the magpie is mortally wounded in the process.

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So ruddy bloody salty.


What was your favourite book as a teenager and what do you think of it now?

I tend to focus on first-gen pokemon:

  1. Jigglypuff. It’s my spirit Pokemon! We both have big blue eyes and a cracking fringe and like to sing badly and are really dramatic and scribble on people’s faces. I used to be able to do an amazing rendition of its song but sadly my cold is currently impacting my ability to hit those high notes.
  2. Squirtle. My Pokemon Blue starter 'Mon and a total badass in the anime. Big fan.
  3. Pikachu. Totally basic choice, but Pikachu reminds me so much of my gerbil <3 Also, Electric Shock Showdown.
  4. Magikarp. An inspiration to us all: you can be totally shit, but work hard and try your best and you might achieve your dreams of being a #fierce dragon.
  5. Metapod. Can only use ‘harden’ hur hur hurrrrr

In later gens I love Typhlosion and Snivy.

My gerbil has definitely aged recently, but last night he was being unbelievably precious and falling asleep in my dad’s hand all curled up :heart_eyes: then when he woke up he was hopping between my mum and my dad and getting really excited about playing with them. I’m hoping he holds out another 3 weeks for his 4th birthday so I can throw him a party with pumpkin seeds and a paper crown!!! :heart:


Always window seats. Nice views and easier to fall asleep on/pretend to fall asleep on when the ticket guard is coming and you don’t have a ticket.

Unfortunately, much as I’m rooting for the magpie and its family, I don’t think we’re getting an underdog victory in this scenario. That cat is having Kentucky Fried Magpie for its dinner.

Have you managed to hook up pervos_mate with anyone (raanraals?) yet?

Hello @TheBarbieMovie2023

  1. When / how are you getting to SJP at the weekend?
  2. What is your favourite Transformer.

SJP = Sarah Jessica Parker?

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As with all emo, #individual, bookish teenagers with MH issues, my favourite book as a teen was The Bell Jar. I haven’t read it for a good few years because my degree pretty much made me allergic to reading fiction.

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(No, sorry!)

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Not yet. I PM’d him about it in my not-entirely-sober state post-DiS drinks, including the hashtags ‘#posh’ and ‘#wouldwatchyouguysnosh’, but weirdly it didn’t work. I don’t think I helped by calling him a Tory afterwards.


think him having a longterm gf is something to do with it also

  1. I’m meeting a friend before the match but am hoping to be at Hendon tube station for like 2pm (is there any way to get from there to the ground that doesn’t take half an hour? not that i can talk, our ground is hardly near the station).
  2. I’ve never seen anything Transformersy, so I’m going to say Shia LeBoeuf because I think he was in the films.

…yeah, that might explain it.



What are your favourite

  1. Pizza toppings
  2. Horror film(s)
  3. Ice cream flavours


  1. Cool - Is it Hendon Central or Hendon Thameslink you’ll be at?

Either way, catch an 83 (towards Alperton) or 183 (towards Pinner) to Townsend Lane, walk down the hill. About 15/20 minutes all told.

Or get an Uber or something

  1. I’d forgotten Transformers was a thing until yesterday quite honestly.