DiSer AMAs #5: grievoustim

Ask @grievoustim anything!

Hi @grievoustim, what’s your favourite Brighton pub?

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Hi tim! How’s your all day meeting going? What’s it all about eh?

Lol good timing for his AMA :smiley:

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@grievoustim , why the ‘grievous’ before your name? you don’t seem very grievous.

also, any opinions on scottish politics?

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He said he needed a distraction!

Hi Tim, when was the last time you did feel aggrieved?

Hiya @grievoustim big fan!!

This question is inspired by a friend who went to visit her neighbour to discuss boring things to do with her building and was met by a wall of ceiling to floor shelving covered in little ornamental SMURFS. Terrifying.

What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen in someone elses home, this can include your own home too if you have some hidden collection you’d like to share with us.

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Come on, Tim!!

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tricky to choose one

I like the Brighton Beer Dispensary, but it is a bit out of my way

Love the Great Eastern for late night drinking - but their cask ale is terrible

Like the Southover and Constant Service near my house

Also the Swan in Falmer for top post bike ride drinking

It’s fine, currently in a “break out” session. It’s too dull to describe what it’s all about, but I do currently have a great view of B&H Albion’s pitch

can we change his name to ‘tigertim’ plz

Hi @grievoustim,

If you could be any dinosaur, which dinosaur would you be and why?

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So when I used to post on PopBitch back in the 00s (I think, was it a thing in the 90s?) I had the name GrievousAngel as I was listening to a lot of Gram Parsons

It mutated over the years into Grievoustim


Hi Tim, it was a pleasure to meat you the other week.

Which of the DiS cyclists is your favourite?


oh and no real opinions on Scottish politics. I respect the scottish right to independence, but I would rather they stayed part of the UK

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when I found cat shit on my(inside) doormat this morning

You used to post on popbitch? Brilliant stuff.

Follow-up question: did you ever submit a story to PB? If so, what?

second the pleasure. I suspected grievoustim MAY have been a dude, but he really was a dude.



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