DiSer AMAs #5: grievoustim

Hi tim. What’s your perfect pint?

More like lovelytim amirite?!


I used to have a few smurfs as a kid. Loved them

hmmm, weird things in a home. Someone in my home town had 18 red phone boxes outside their house (BT were selling them off and her BF bought them for her)

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:neutral_face: :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: :wink:

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Moonlight is still stinky - I think she shat on the doormat this morning (might have been Jessica though)

The other day she puked up something horrible in the garden - looked like the remains of a lizard or frog or something. She is fine though

Jessica my other cat is good, needy as ever


It was a pleasure to meat u too

I would have to say @plasticniki as her enthusiasm for all things bike is infectious, but I love each and every one of them


Hi @grievoustim, longtime listener, first time caller…

What’s your favourite Popbitch joke?

I think you’ve hit on the correct answer here chief, nicely done.

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yes I did - it was one of those ones where you hide the identity of who it’s about, It was about Gary Linekar and it got in the mailout (but they failed to include me in the thanks section)

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Hi Tim, What was your favourite book as a teenager and what do you think of it now?

How is the Constant Service these days? It was morphing into a bit of a dodgy wideboy geezer’s pub last time I was in there, which was probably 2011.

so hard to choose one - I do like an IPA or around 5% in the summer, and something darker or a stout in the winter

Burning Sky Aurora is very nice - and pretty easy to find in Brighton

I have a terrible memory for jokes I’m afraid. One might come to me later

Catcher in the Rye - I’ve not read it in a long time. I expect I would still enjoy it though

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yeah - it can be a bit like that

The current landlady is giving it up, so it’s future is in question I think


ooo - missed this one

gotta be the flying one with the big wings, because of the flying

forgot what they are called though

hello tim

i’d like to know what your worst bike-related injury was?


Haha… this is what I typed into google -


That’ll do.

But it’s actually this -



Pterodactyl I assume.

Good reasoning. :+1:

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