DiSer AMAs #6: DarwinBabe

Ask @anon82218317 anything!!!

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Hi DB!!! How’s London treating you so far??

Have you met DLR Dave yet DazBaz?

Yes! How’s the furniture hunt going Deebs? You picked up anything nice recently?

Without moving any furniture from where it is now, could you traverse the interior of your house/flat/wherever you live without touching the floor?

when was the last time you’d eaten so much you felt like bursting and what had you eaten?

What luxury item would you take with you when you’re on Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here?

What is your take on dry cereal? (No milk)


Were there tiny horses there? (Presumably you went to Mudchute farm?) I keep promising to take my gf to see some tiny horses and I heard rumours there were tiny horses ther

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any thoughts on Eminem?

3 tiered minky?


If DazBaz got that from the Tesco at the end of Lewisham Road then I have the same one bought from the same location!!!

Thank you for the information, I hope yr bf recovers.

@anon82218317 what is your biggest fear?

What’s the minimum amount of money you would accept on the proviso you could NEVER own a cat again? your current cat would live in a lovely new home, and you could write to it, but not see them

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Hey DB,
Do you have a favourite scientologist?!
I’m trying to decide between beck and tom cruise

hahaha Mudschute


Good hair day today?

Hi @anon82218317, how did you become such a babe? :heart_eyes: