DiSer AMAs #6: DarwinBabe


@DarwinBabe what is your biggest fear?


Hmm no


Last week end I really craved boiled rice and couldn’t stop going back to eat it from the leftovers. Just added hot sauce and ate it cold


What’s the minimum amount of money you would accept on the proviso you could NEVER own a cat again? your current cat would live in a lovely new home, and you could write to it, but not see them


Hey DB,
Do you have a favourite scientologist?!
I’m trying to decide between beck and tom cruise


A cat


hahaha Mudschute


It hurts my gums a bit


Good hair day today?


Hi @DarwinBabe, how did you become such a babe? :heart_eyes:


@DarwinBabe what’s your favourite flavour of:

  • ice cream
  • sorbet
  • slush puppy


K cheers


Thanks for confirming.


@DarwinBabe How big is big?


hi DB, what book(s) are you reading at the moment? who would you say your favourite writer(s) is/are?


If you could have your satnav in anyone’s voice, who’s?


hello db

I’d like to know where your username comes from



it’s really nice although he’s been really naughty today and pissed on a beanbag :angry:


Hi @DarwinBabe,

If you could be a dinosaur, which dinosaur would you be and why?


hmmmm not sure… probably my cat dying