DiSer AMAs #6: DarwinBabe


idk, it’s always really disappointing to find out someone’s in that I think. don’t really like any of them.


I don’t think I would give up my cat for any money. I don’t think I could trust other people with him except maybe close friends and family. maybe for like a million pounds and I would just volunteer at a cat rescue centre.


what’s your favourite dip?


bit tuggy maybe but still getting a good sheen off it


Me neither tbh.
Thanks for answering and hope you’re well :+1:


Thank you, excellent question. Well it used to be ‘dude’ as you know but just fancied a change and think it’s fine to call yourself a babe if you are like me.


@darwinbabe what was the last wiki wormhole you found yourself sucked into? how did you get there, what did you learn?


plus it is possible to be both a dude and a babe?



Hi DB.

Given you live like a mile from me I think we should go for a beer. Yes?

Also what’s your favourite city in the world?



anything bigger than expected is big


decent stab but a flawed answer I feel


gunnersaurus cause he just seems like a really top dinosaur


Best answer to my question yet. :+1:


baba ganoush


Favourite DiSers - Top 5 pls
(Past or present)


was reading a book set during this and then read this and lots of links from it https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nigerian_Civil_War

I learned lots. basically didn’t know anything about that part of history or anything about present day Nigeria (still don’t really know anything but know kinda what the war was about and also got 9/9 on that CAN YOU NAME THESE COUNTRIES ON THE MAP thing that went about yesterday for international day of the girl child).


Yes I would love to go for a beer! I heard there are a couple of nice pubs nearby too. Only been to the Talbot (5 mins from me in Brockley) but would like to see some Catford places.

Favourite city in the world is… LONDON!! no, not yet anyway. Probably Brussels.


Hiya DB :smiley:

Do you have a favourite mythical creature? If so what is it?


hi db,

i hope you are well.

what are your favourite breeds of cat, please?

also, what are you favourite cat names? (i have noticed recently that i know a disproportionate number of people who have/have had cats called oscar. have you ever had a cat called oscar?)

thanks :slight_smile:

ps. i just wanted to add that you are a top disser - your posts are always really interesting and insightful and i really admire all the work you’ve been doing on the laptops project :+1: