DiSer AMAs #6: DarwinBabe


Yay, DB!

When you become Prime Minister what are the first 3 laws you’ll implement?


I don’t think I can choose favourite people. except I think @Witches is the coolest person on here right now.


Meep :blush:


What’s the most wears you’ve managed to get out of a pair of jeans between washes


@darwinbabe top 3 things about se so far?

Any opinion on Scottish politics?


Favourite island?


Mate, she’s CLEARLY being sarcastic. CLEARLY.


probably a Chinese one like a qilin


Hi DB, who would you say your favorite economist is and/or is there a school of economics that represents your particular school of thought?


Have you got a favourite film?


I don’t actually know much about cat breeds so my three favourite breeds of cat are

  1. big lazy fluff balls
  2. mischievous baby tigers (I have one of these)
  3. caracals

and yeah I love the name Oscar. I had a hamster called Oscar when I was a kid.

And thank you! I need to do more work on this!


I can but dream, can’t I?


probably not that many

I also go through jeans quickly cause my thighs rub together a bit when I walk


Hm, I’m not sure what I just said makes sense…

I CAN dream. Yep. I can.


What’s the best meal out you’ve ever had?

  1. lots of my friends live nearby
  2. the quality of public services so far has been quite good
  3. the people around where I live all seem pretty nice and it’s not too full of rich people


I dont know that much about economics (if distinct from political economy) but e.g. I’ve read stuff by Ann Pettifor which I think is really interesting and makes a lot of sense.

but yeah to answer your question, I think even if I knew a lot more about what particular schools of economics all said, I think my approach wouldn’t be to adhere to an understanding of ‘economics’ as a ‘scientific’ way of understanding what happens in the economy which is separate from politics, society or other domains.


I don’t think I have a favourite film, no.


Thank you.


I just bought a book by her actually “The Production Of Money” looking forward to checking it out.