DiSer AMAs #6: DarwinBabe


I quite like it just being a robot. a human voice would be creepy.


Thank you for answering, DD. You’re definitely in my top five DiSers xx


I just made it up from my head I think


ok I think that’s enough questions for today. anything else you need should be in your press packs.


just saw this sorry

Great question as well. To be honest, to do all the things I would want to do in power, I would have to dismantle most of the British state and all the different institutions that protect private property and the interests of the rich. So the answer would really entirely depend on how I came to be Prime Minister. If I was just elected as a leader of the Labour Party then I would probably not be able to achieve that much. Here are some ideas for draft legislation though:

  1. Immigration Act: Ends all detention for immigration purposes; provides for the resettlement/granting of refugee status to at least the same number as the EU member state with the highest share of people granted some form of refugee or subsidiary protection except where no member state hosts less than say 500,000 people with these statuses in which case I think there would be some other calculation but I’d need to think about it and have more data (this policy would mean the UK effectively has to match Germany and it might create a better ‘burden sharing’ mechanism and it would be in addition to maintaining asylum procedures for people who reach the UK first and these procedures would also become much fairer); allows everyone who is habitually resident in the UK to begin a process of naturalisation; amnesty for all undocumented, visa overstayers etc; all key public services offered with no immigration status checks.
  2. Social Security Act: Ends all forms of welfare conditionality. If someone is out of work and has savings of less than £20,000 they will get benefits at the rate of at least the living wage (which would be the new minimum wage) and more for every child or dependent for as long as they need it. They will also be able to apply for additional funds in special circumstances. No more tax credits and no UBI schemes or things like that – they effectively subsidise employers who pay poverty wages. There will also be a new Bank Holiday which will fall on whichever day of the year Iain Duncan Smith happens to die.
  3. Housing Act: A whole set of new rules for private landlords which they will go to prison and have all property taken off them if they break. New rules to set value bands for the maximum you are allowed to sell property for. Grant local authorities powers to take possession of all vacant properties. Where they fail to do this, I would make use of a new local income tax which is targeted at wealthy people in places where the local authority isn’t doing enough to improve the quality and availability of housing. It would also become illegal to buy property to rent out for private profit.

And as Home Secretary I will also relax the requirements for passport photos to allow selfies and filters and the passport holder has to be happy with the photo.


totally fine with all this, but can we make the landlords appear on national tv in a reboot of gladiators alongside the prison sentences?


we can also deliver #valueformoney to the #taxpayer by locking them up in all the immigration detention centres we won’t need anymore


don’t think g4s’ll be too happy with your policies m9.




probably the mainland of Orkney


This is my favourite restaurant and I have had some of the best meals ever here



omg :heart:


With just a big pit underneath instead of the net and foam?


Shit are you in Brockley? I’m in the Talbot all the time (well, every few weeks. Having a baby has limited my pub going slightly).


sorry I meant to say the pub is more towards Brockley

I live elsewhere lol not posting my address on dis


That is more than understandable.


What is your favourite breed of dog?

Roxy won’t move


hmmmm I don’t know that much about different dog breeds but I used to go on walks with my mum and her friend who had a golden retriever called sandy. some of my fondest childhood memories are going for walks and cycles along the canal with him.


Do you have any advice for living in and/or finding work in a country where you don’t speak the first language?