DiSer AMAs #7: colossalhorse


Ask @colossalhorse anything!!

Hi ch. If you could fuck off work for the afternoon, what would you do?

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Hi CH,

What’s the best and worst thing your wife could have planned for your mystery birthday weekend?


Hi @colossalhorse.

What’s the biggest horse you’ve ever seen in real life (other than yourself)?


Hi coho! Any guesses as to what your birthday treat’s gonna be?


Hi @colossalhorse,

If you could be any dinosaur, what dinosaur would you be and why?


Hi Eric! The gf is waiting for me to finish with some kind of birthday weekend surprise so I guess it would be up to her. If it were a normal Friday I’d head down to the Urban Tap and have a few beers and read for a bit I reckon.


Hi CH,

Long-time, first-time - I’ve gotta ask, where does the username come from? Is it a reference to the Iliad or something?


@colossalhorse who is your fave Souls NPC?


Best: well there’s a gig on I quite fancied popping along to so hopefully she’s cottoned on to that and it’ll be a few beers + gig + home for a curry. or if we’re talking absolute best it’d be a surprise weekend in Prague or something, but we’re a bit too skint for that.

Worst: It’d be like that year when she got me a ticket to watch Lord of the Flies on stage without realising it was actually Lord of the Flies: the modern dance extravaganza. That was a confusing evening.

Thanks for your question!


Hi @colossalhorse :slight_smile:

Who is your favourite (as in, funniest to make fun of) member of the alt-right?


Hello CH! I’ve only just realised your username isn’t collosal HOUSE. What’s your most recent faux pas? Love your work.


hi colossalhorse. which charity is closest to your heart?


I’ve no idea tbh. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any particularly big horses in the flesh. This is a really dull answer. Sorry. Thanks for the question though!


What is your favourite kind of tart?


hi, @colossalhorse can you come round and complete bloodbourne for me, I’m v bad at it and it’s upsetting me. thanks


Hi Horsey!

If I gave you 79p right now and you had to spend it in the next 2 hours, what would you buy?


I’m really not sure. Ms Horse has kept her cards very close to her chest on this one. I think it might be an escape room type thing and then a restaurant trip - she’s been meaning to take me to the Potted Pig for years, so I’m guessing there. Could be anything though. She’s much better at thinking outside the box than I am.


Hi @colossalhorse

If you were cast away on a desert island like Tom Hanks in the film Cast Away, how long do you think you would survive for?


My lovely, lovely @colossalhorse, that sounds like a cracking day, I hope this comes true for you. Do let DiSdom know what’s going down innit :+1:


Well, if it’s a dinosaur back in dinosaur times I’d be a stegosaurus. Big fuck off horns yet a herbivore - the original badass with a heart of gold.

If I could be a dinosaur now I’d be the lesser known Khaan (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khaan), purely so I could jump out and surprise William Shatner.

Thanks for your question!