DiSer AMAs #8: elthamsmateowen

Ask @elthamsmateowen anything!!

Hi emo. How emo would you rate yourself out of 10 and what’s your favourite emo band?


Alright emo! How’s the hip chief? Been sipping on any nice Bulgarian reds recently?

Hi @elthamsmateowen,

If you could be any dinosaur, which dinosaur would you be and why?


Would you like me to ask you this during your AMA zeal? I’d hate for you to miss out.


@elthamsmateowen do you really like wine that much?

also, any opinions on Scottish politics?

What’s your favourite sexy thing to do (excluding anyone’s mum)?


I’m not the one answering the questions in this thread!

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What’s the best thing your cat has done?

Hi @elthamsmateowen

Which is your favourite city (or town) in the world? Why?

I suppose it depends on how you define emo? I can be pretty whiney and wrote a whole load of acoustic songs about being miserable and worthless, wrote and studied poetry and love loads of ‘proper’ emo (yeah - I’m gonna be that guy - at least @xylo will have my back… not sure if that’s a good thing, mind)

If you define it as floppy black hair etc then I probably peaked at around an 7/10 (for about 2 years I was straightening my hair and dyed my hair black and wore atticus, FSAS etc… But now the only thing that comes close to that is maybe my nose ring?

If you mean the kind of melodic post punk, check shirt, glasses kind - probably closer to an 8 or even 9/10 and that’s basically also current state.

Favourite bands that could be/are emo: Brand New, Prawn, Sunny Day real estate, Jimmy Eat World, Jawbreaker, Deathcab for Cutie, Mineral, Get Up Kids…


I don’t even know why I ask this question to be honest - it just seems to fit the format for some reason and anyone can answer it.

Good afternoon. When was the last time you went for a nap during the day (intentionally or otherwise), and what kind of duration are we talking here?

No Bulgarian Reds unfortunately - managed to get a bargain on a crate of Rioja that came via Holland. Lovely Dutch Wijn.


hello eMo

i’d like to know what your favourite cheese is


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Hello EMO @elthamsmateowen mate, big fan of your work. LTLFTE etc. Please could you rank the following seven things in order of preference?

Jam Doughnut
Tim Henman
Salt & Vinegar
Statue of Liberty


Not a question, please respect the format.


respect the format!!

Hi Emo,

If you could be any other person in the world, who would it be and why?

Respect the format?