DiSer AMAs #8: elthamsmateowen


Or a stegosaurus. Nice peaceful seeming guy but got something to use in the ol’ tail if you fuck with me.

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Never had revels I’m afraid.

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Hiya EMO,

You’re a proper dapper gent. What’s your most flamboyant outfit you own?

Can I shock you?

I really, really do.

Scottish Politics is probably best left to the Scots. When it came to the referendum I was glad they stayed but the tie is purely emotional and I would feel very sad to see them go (but seeing how we fucked them over with Brexit, I can’t blame them)


This is ask anything right - not necessarily answer…?

I have a lot of things I like but I imagine people are trying to eat their lunch and the thought of me doing anything remotely sexual might put them off.

i think you’ll find i have been entirely consistent in my question formatting throughout the AMA series


When I first rescued him and until he deteriorated a bit he used to just relentlessly follow me around. Not about food or anything, just wanting to be near me which was just so heartwarming and wonderful and genuinely used to make my day, every day.


Are you left-handed?

I’ve flagged it.


I love loads for different reasons, but the easiest answer is probably LA - I understand why people don’t like it, but I have so many friends there that take me to do so many fun and cool things that I just don’t really see any of those negatives.

Honourable mention: Nassau, the Bahamas

Hall or Oates?

When was the last time you used BluTac?

@emo if you could jurassic park one type of dinosaur back into existence, which one would it be?

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I really struggle to nap unless I’m ill or really fully exhausted. I was run down a few weeks ago and had a lay down for about an hour and dropped off for maybe 40-45 minutes of that.

If it puts people off their lunch, it’s only because they want dinner :kissing_heart: xoxo


Tough call - all good in different settings. I love Brie and Baked Camembert a whole lot though.

That said you can’t beat a proper vintage cheddar

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Hi @elthamsmateowen. This is a ‘would you rather’ question - would you rather eat a bowl of pubes once a week or have a hangover every day?

Clarifying notes:

  • you can’t predict how strong the hangover will be.
  • you don’t know whose pubes they are.

Purple (wearing a purple shirt today)

Statue of Liberty (what it represents)

Salt & Vinegar (classic combo)

Jam Doughnut

Tim Henman



Thank you! I’ll update the spreadsheet x

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