DiSer (AphexTwinkletoes) releases albums MTftSB

Hi DiS!

After several years of complete musical inactivity, various folks on here have inspired me to pick up and rework a bunch of unfinished electronic / ambient tracks which have become two albums. I’m posting about this on the social board because I’m part of the furniture here and I’m proud of these, whether you like them or not.

One is an ambient techno album. Basically my homage to early Aphex (what a surprise!), The Black Dog, Global Communication, Plaid.

The other is a drone album because I bloody love Tim Hecker.

So yeah, there you go. Have at it.


awesome will check this out this evening and get back to you :slight_smile:

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I have an evening of DiS-themed listening ahead of me so!

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Holy hell Excession starts big :grinning: Getting into your Timbo Hecker one right now chief.

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well this is awkward as I was about to do the same thing today :smiley:


Well done pal :slight_smile: I’ll give this a listen later

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:grinning: Yeah, was chatting about that on the ambient music thread. Was unsure on whether to go with it as an opener, but decided in the end it worked to melt your face off. There’s more of an ebb and flow later :slight_smile:

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Do it!

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Nice track titles!



man this stuff is gorgeous. You’re a real talent!

I’m sound-tracking a drawing to Ethics Gradient and it’s taken me on a beautiful journey, the last track Two Weeks especially. Going to back and listen to all these again from the beginning.

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Nice! Will check out later on.


Cheers bammers! That means a lot coming from you. I’m glad Two Weeks went down well - that’s probably the most ‘personal’ track on the album.

mmm it was lovely! Really enjoyed the livelier stuff on Frank Exchange of Beats too!

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FAO: @BodyInTheThames and @plasticniki might like the ambient techno

Cool, I’ll get this in the headphones later

Are you looking for any feedback or just wanting to spread the ambience?

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Both tbh - your input has been really helpful before (I hope Pulsar is improved as a result!). I also hope you’ll enjoy it :wink:

Ok, final jag, as I’ve just put up the third of my triptych, which has more modern classical influences and uses lots of strings throughout. Elements of Biosphere, Richard Skelton, Susumu Yokota, SOTL.

I’m now out of good material apart from one killer track which didn’t fit on any of these albums. Time to focus efforts on the DiS community label.


Going to listen to all of these today :ok_hand:

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Wibble Wobble is brilliant :smiley:

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