DiSer (AphexTwinkletoes) releases albums MTftSB




I thought you were giving up on calling me out over and over for liking a band?


Think u need yr ears testing m5


I can’t be arsed with this. You were weirdly antagonistic towards me when you were posting as @Behave before you got banned the first time, and then before you got perma-banned and you’ve carried that on with this new user. I’m sure you’ll be banned again soon enough, but in the meantime I’ll just mute you.


Finally had a chance to start listening

Listened through the whole '“Frank Exchange of Beats” playlist

really enjoyable

I don’t really want to give any critique - all the melodies & ideas are great, you obviously know your area - but I could offer some tips & help sound/production wise if you want…really don’t want to sound condescending though

it’s up to you

Good stuff @AphexTwinkletoes, I think I like Pulsar best


Thanks buddy, that means a lot. Would love to hear your thoughts on sound and production. I’ve made a few little adjustments to the bandcamp upload already but would be great to get your opinion given the label idea has traction in the other thread. Maybe DM me when you have the time?


yeah, I shall DM you

are you Mac or PC? What software?


Thanks :slight_smile:
FL Studio Pro edition on PC. It’s a pretty basic setup but I like how easy it is to mess around in FL without investing in hardware. I have a bunch of synth generators as plug-ins on top of the FL basics.


ah, it’s gonna be tricky to give you too much help with that set up… let me think


Yeah i know…


Deleted him and his posts.

Can’t be arsed really. Clearly not going to turn over a new leaf.


Really enjoyed Frank Exchange of Beats! No Fixed Abode reminded me of a chilled out version of this https://youtu.be/gmRWKjLj5HY. No stand out track for me, it was all :ok_hand:

Can’t wait to listen to the rest


Thanks for taking the time and glad you enjoyed it!

And that’s an incredible reference point! :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Had a listen to ethics gradient, enjoyed it! Be interested to see where you go next.


Thanks :slight_smile:
In terms of where I go next… it’s all over the shop right now. I basically made a tonne of things between about 2009 and 2011 before losing momentum and inspiration so I’ve been reworking them all, improving the mastering, and turning them into albums/EPs. At this point, I’ve pretty much finished distilling the back-catalog of things which didn’t need lots of work into the three albums (drone, ambient techno, and more ‘organic’ modern classical ambient).

Starting to work on some new more expansive drone and darker techno, as well as trying to get this label set up. Really glad I’ve gotten back into it.


good stuff, twinkly man


really happy you’re getting back into your art, your stuff is great!

Everyone on DiS is so talented


Just found this thread… Excession is lovely, looking forward to giving these a good listen over the next few days
Fair play, I’m humbled by the talent on these boards :+1:t2:


Your last release was excellent Bammers… my apologies I didn’t give feedback on your thread.


Oh wow thank you very much :slight_smile: