DiSer? MiSer more like!


Thread for being nice and talking about the people you miss.

I Miss @Balonz more than I could have anticipated.

Also ohgood was nice. :’(


here we go!



Who are you calling a miser, mate!


fucking same thread as yesterday YSC


i love @elthamsmateowen for his optimism!


I did think that tbf, but adding the other S ruined the look. POETIC LICENCE PAL


No it isn’t


Ok it’s similar but come one. this is a bit different.

Also mainly just want to summon @Balonz


You know that they don’t have the internet…IN PRISON.

Actually is that even true?


It’s gone past the stage where I can even act cool about it, like I don’t care.



Bet they bleeding do. Along with their Xboxes and day trips to Alton Tower. Human rights act mate!


Went round zxcvbnm’s gaff, there was a fork in the sugar bowl. MiSer.


give it away give it away give it away now


Word is japes re-uses teabags


@Balonz will be back one day, we’re just not allowed to mention him in the interim. Forgot who said that but they were quite explicit.


It’s literally health and safety gone mad!


ooh it’s that political correctness gone standing stock still in a relatively busy urbanised location squinting in ambiguous anger at a distant source of irritation