DiSer's in Amsterdam




Been on these forums for a few years, don’t post all the time but keep my eye in. Moved from England to Amsterdam in October and was wondering if there many people from the forums who lived here as well?


sorry not helpful but just wanted to share this great day me and shrewbie and still here had in Amsterdam a couple of years ago



think @ghostpony would be your best shout btw


:heart_eyes: A post so I can like this more than once :heart_eyes:


Hi!!! PM me, let’s hang out.


love that ear shot


Lucky you! I’m here this weekend and i love it so much (despite it being absolutely fucking freeezing).


I wish I lived in Amsterdam.

@ma0sm is in Nijmegen now I think?


I’d move there if i thought i could be of some use to the Dutch nation.

I wouldn’t be though.


I’ll be there for a football tournament in May. Not sure if the DiS team will be there this year


shrewbie is so chill


blaze it


I love to be in Amsterdam but I am currently not there.


I’m in Nijmegen, will probably be going up to Amsterdam a fair bit, only an hour ten on the train from here, which by London standards is the same city.


Misread that as ten hours on the train and was a bit confused about the London standards thing :smiley:


My last trip to dam:

:kissing: :musical_note: <<walking down the street
I see :mushroom: for sale
[scene missing]



I’m no use to anyone, let alone a nation state. You’d do fine!


If any of you are around on February 3rd, then maybe come to this which I’ll be performing at



How are you liking Nijmegen?


Pretty good! I’ve been a bit glum this week getting all the admin stuff done when I don’t speak the language, and wallowing in self-pity about Ozzie life a bit, but I know it can only get better and I’ve got the majority of the boring stuff done now (BSN, bank account, OV-chipkaart, bought bikes for my work commute).