DiSers in Real Life (unintentionally)

I saw @meths (Not here, :cry: ) in the pub next to my hotel last night while getting a nightcap. had a lovely brief chat but then had to move to another section of the pub so he couldn’t see me drinking straight whiskey alone.

Who was the last DiSer you saw by chance, and where?

Just realised the categorisation thing here sucks, even if you’re IN social, you have to categorise it. MODS! @plasticniki @sean!

saw @Garrardinho at a Dulwich Hamlet match a month or so back completely by chance

saw @Epimer ON PURPOSE this week

what the hell are you on about

I was on an incredibly awkward date, sorry for not being more welcoming.


Haha it’s ok, I thought it was a date, hence my quick end and leave! :smiley:

Was in social section, hit new topic, didn’t automatically categorise it, so it’s in ‘uncategorised’ category. POOR UX GUYS

I think I saw ruffers ages ago but forgot ask if it was him at the time.

Been in London all week and haven’t unintentionally seen a single DiSser. Think you all might be lying about being LME.

i think the last time i saw a DiSer by accident was Lo-Pan at Twilight Sad?

Either way, im well out of the loop.

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I’ve bumped into Eltham by accident on two occasions, once in the foyer at the Soho Theatre and once near my office.

Saw andyvine at ArcTanGent.

nah, every time i’ve been in social and made a new topic it’s gone in there


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Can we do a planned DiS Hamlet meet up sometime? The friend I used to go with has gone to Bristol so I don’t really go anymore.


probably can’t do tomorrow… when’s the next home game?

Apparently every Saturday in Sept is a home game but I can’t do any of them! Could do Tuesday 13th or 27th if people fancied an evening game, otherwise it’s October 8th.

did you? i know i met some disers but i didnt realise one of them was you (hi!) im not very good at remembering things though

We didn’t speak or anything (was with some non-Internet people) but I think I was standing fairly near you for American Football. You’re a fairly distinctive looking bloke.

:smiley: fair enough. in that case then you saw @moousee as well because he was stood next to me

Gorgeous, you mean?