DiSers Map


Created this so we can pin our (vague) locations. Saw folks in the meet thread were discussing a Kent meet, so thought it could be handy to see what other local meets are viable.

Anyone should be able to edit the map but let me know if not!



How do you add a pin on mobile Jukey?

Nice idea Juke - but that link isn’t working (or at least it isn’t for me).

Ain’t got a chuffing clue mate.

On browser it’s the marker here:

Could you drop one in Winchester pls

presume there’ll be an option where you can make it collaborative. can’t see that tool bar now.

Think you need to be logged into Google. Are you? If so I’ll look into it.


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dunno tbh

Thanks bbz

If peeps just wanna say their location in here i’ll add it to the map

Wont let me add anything, have no option to do so, you sure you’re not the only one whose able to edit?

Think I was, only viewing was possible. Just changed it now and it should hopefully be working :slight_smile:


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nice one, please put my location as this pub vaguely near me where i sometimes drink the beers

The Chandos, 56 Brockley Rise, London SE23 1LN

EDIT don’t worry i can do it now

oh and do remember to enter your names when you drop the pin… someone is on there as ‘Point 3’

i think that’s me fucking it all up by accident :joy:

ok i gave up haha

you’re on there!

Scratch that. Done.