DiSers Map


Didn’t move you or change your pin :thinking:


Okay, well someone did. Apologies.


Aldershot? What the fuck mate. I bleed Surrey!


May have been me when I was looking at funny village names. Accidentally moved @guntrip to the Shetland Isles once too.


Ha okay, no worries :slight_smile:


have added myself - was sure there was someone else on here in or around Kingston? maybe they just worked there or something



Just me and @Yesiamaduck in Brighton so far, must be a few more


It’s cool to see how far south I live

just shows what a nice person I am for ever going to north London to see my friends :angel:


We got our kittens from a fosterer in Ruscombe if that is any help


The beer icon on Winchester :rofl:




Drop one around Queens Park/Mt. Florida, Glasgow for me pls. (Away from the westenders)


Him explaining to his mum(?) is probably one my favourite christmas moments.


Tbf I think crocodiles mostly grab on to and then drown their prey rather than ripping it to shreds so it’d take more than a few seconds for them to kill you.

Of course sometimes they do that spinny thing and tear your legs off too

I love crocodiles they’re mega


i’ve added my work now too




suck it


Didn’t appreciate how much of The World DiSers cover


I’m on there!

@profk, I made the same mistake about Stockholm. Was convinced it was on the other side.


Go to Winchester. Have a nice cold pint, and wait for all this to blow over.