DiSers Map


People from Wiltshire are known as ‘Moonrakers’ for the same reason:


Alright, who moved me from Blackhorse Road station and dropped me in the reservoir?


Yeah there’s a Malborough (my village)/Marlborough (Wiltshire) crossover there. Not entirely sure of the etymology but it’s all smuggler based I’d imagine.


And who put “ESA” in North Korea? On his birthday, too!


done - this is so nerdly interesting - love it :slight_smile:


wow, used to work like 1 minute away from @colinzealuk



its not loading


I’m sad that the rain cloud icon near Manchester turned out not to be @Scout


I’ve gone for a tent like scouts


Blocked in my work. If someone could tag me in Cardiff that would tidy darts like.


I have to walk past your pin to get to work, so apologies in advance for the inadvertent stalking.


@Scout and @deadonthestairs are my nearest peoples, but in a more gentrified part of the world


I only started working here last month :slight_smile:


added mine and then it disappeared. RIP palm tree


I cycle past petagno twice every day according to the map


I have put a pin in so any of you can find our allotment if you need to.


i didn’t know there were allotments there


Well you do now!


My work pin or home??