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really like this map


Petition to ban all users who didn’t select an icon instead of the standard blue pin.

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Your work place is about a minute from mine though. I think we’re trying to get a team together for the BID quiz at Bounce in a few weeks, actually.


I reckon I could persuade some colleagues to muster a [Insert my workplace] team for it.


*crunches knuckles *


I’ve registered myself as part of the East Anglian Ruralitarian Elite.


All present, correct and alphabetised.

More taggers would be welcome.

We have users in:
Czech Republic
New Zealand

@bamnan can I add you to this anyway?


Who added the layer with “Directions from [censored], Bromley BR1 [censored], UK to [the same censored place], Bromley BR1 [still the same censored place], UK” ?


There Is Not A Mapped DiSer Within 50 Miles Of Me Club:

  • Ha, neighbourless freaks
  • Sign me up
  • Might start my own 100+ Miles Club

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Thanks for tagging me @Juke I guess it was. Serious lack of Dissers in Wales. We need to go on a recruitment drive @Shiggles @colossalhorse


He’s tagged you in Spoons on Greyfriars Road, the cheeky get! I thought there were more of us tbh, isn’t @blimeycharlie in Wales, or am I mistaken?

Wait, no, @Elights is in the Spoons.


can someone add @epic and @raffles


Glad its not me. I won’t go in Spoons due to their Brexity politics.


Apparently it’s closed anyway. I’ll take that as a victory for remain!


Could well have been me by accident. If you can do it with a load of random mouse clicking.


I’m around a 30 minute drive to another DiSer.

Weeber & Imaperv to the South East.
the_dazzled to the West
and DarwinBabe to the North.

But I am quite near to Croydon, which may explain things.


yeah that would be the Lloyds Bar on Greyfriars Rd. (still a Weatherspoons) Absolute shite hole.


So shit, once got thrown out because my mate stood on a table, haven’t been back. That might be the last time I got thrown out of anywhere in Cardiff (I got chucked out of Dewi’s once [no one remembers Dewi’s] because I took my shirt off and waved it around my head)


I also join the list of never hearing of Dewi’s. Where was it ?


Think it was under the cinema on Maryann Street, where it’s now a casino. I was so drunk, can’t really recall, but I used to go there every now and then. Again, shithole

(I’m so happy I’m not young anymore)