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How old are you ? wondering if we have crossed paths at some point Bound to have been to the same gigs. I’m 43.


I’m 32, been living here since 2005. We must have been in the same places at various points, for sure. It’s not exactly a huge town!


Ha! Serves me right for not being able to work the damn map thingy.

I’ve met @colossalhorse, but that’s it for my DISer meat-space encounters. It would be good to have a few more around Cardiff. Hoping to meet a bunch at the Disintegration state gig in Manchester next month too.


I got chucked from Pryzm when it was Creation. To be fair I was stealing Christmas decorations. Idiot-student-stereotype-hijinks.

Also once got chucked from Barfly before it was hophouse. Never received an explanation for why. Was only moderately drunk - walked in and got chucked 5 minutes later. Weird.


I used to love Creation, so cheesy but so good. I also used to enjoy Liquid, which was truly a hellhole but proper fun.

You must be similar in age to me, I’d guess


@Shiggles @Elights you two need to change your profile pics so we can keep a look out for our fellow Dissers around the Diff. I will be on the Save Guildford cresent march a week saturday and then at the fundraisers gig at Gwdihw on Wednesday 23rd…


@Scott_Chegg I am sorry, I may have accidentally just moved you into a nearby reservoir when trying to zoom in :confused:


It was for the best


@Antpocalypsenow you work very close to your home nowadays! Is that very lovely?


It’s a delight!


You walking it?


Of course! A truly wonderful life upgrade. I am very grateful for it. This morning I saw upwards of 15 dogs on my way to work. It’s perfect.


My nearest DiSers are the_ravens (119 miles, 2hr 28mins) and Slicky (136 miles, 2hr 58mins)
Suddenly I feel all alone!


This is great news and I’m very pleased for you. Certainly deserve it after all your previous flat woes. x


Thanks, pal x


my nearest disser is funkhouser. pretty happy about that.


You live in an awesome part of the country though


Am I second closest?


you or @colossalhorse