DiSers Map


i had to double take there thinking you must a brighton person

But I guess other places must have clubs called Creation which then became Pryzm (never went to either)


I’m in Cardiff, yes. Happy for @Juke to tag me in this if he has a moment.


never realised cork was on the bottom of Ireland


If you were there during 2004 and 2005 we were probably at some of the same gigs as well!


never knew dortmund was so close to Holland


Stupid isn’t it, should be at the top.


It’s to stop everything in the country draining into the sea.


We’ve got @wizardlizard in Cardiff as well, and @chadders over Newport way. Our numbers are few but it’s a great GBOL lads.


sure go for it


This statement is true.

@Juke can you stick me somewhere near Rodney Parade please.


Didn’t wanna go back there so soon :cold_sweat:


Ah shit, forgot about that. Apologies.

If it’s any consolation the shine was taken off the tin foil replica FA Cup when we drew Middlesbrough away.

Did you go?


Nah, but watching on TV was hard enough. Fair play to Newport though, by far the better side.


That was me moving around the map pretty badly on my mobile- decided it was better to give up then rather than end up with a ring of dots circling central Bromley…


Only Warwickshire-based DiSer so far. Hello to the West Midlanders!


Nice region of cats over Reading way.




If it’s any consolation, not only do I live on the same train line as you, the TV’s skin & blister (sister - not one of mine) lives in Caterham so I’m down there all the time :+1:


I’ve got a 40 mile radius I think


Save it for Thursday, etc