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@plasticniki wanting to join the 100+ Miles Club? It’s nothing to do with long-distance cycling, m8.

(Also, #foreveralone, unless Antelope starts posting again).


Not Thames Valley any more, it’s Cats Valley.

I think I made a mistake and dropped my pin in the middle of the A329.


I need to move.


Never liked liquid - always had a ‘might get glassed’ kinda vibe. Did enjoy creation though. 35yrs old.


There’s a good couple of us about in SE of Wales though I’m sure that there is plenty of us Disser’s just across the Severn, Bristol way?


ive added myself to the park that i walk my dogs in :+1:


Liquid was risky but loads of fun


Dis is even more southern than i thought
might move back to newcastle to balance things out


Lazy person request

Can someone please post a link to the original map thing again to save me scrolling back up through 300 replies? Thanks.


I never really ventured into Creation. I remember (in rough descending order)

  • Clwb: obviously the best; used to be a big fan of the three floor Wednesday spectacular.
  • Twisted By Design: not really a club, but just the most fun. Gary Twisted is an absolute hero.
  • The Toucan: other than the profileration of slightly creepy salsa-dancing older men, was very welcoming. Fun fact: I first kissed Mrs CCB in the bar of The Toucan Club.
  • Metros: a bit gross but good fun all the same. Was sick quite a few times in those Metros toilets
  • Emporium: didn’t go so much but was a decent night
  • Hippo Club: only went once. We were probably the only people in there who hadn’t taken all of the pills

Not sure about the rest. There were some dreadful ones we used to go to with work people (circa 2000-2002) but can’t remember any of their names.


This. So gutted it’s more or less stopped since Dempseys closed (he’s done occasional ones at Metros since then)


34 here

Liquid was all kinds of uv awful but I did have some kind of fun there, ironically of course.

Creation was called Zeus the few times I went the, awful place.

Basically if I wasn’t in metros or coopers (barfly) I’d be sulking for most of the night


I went to metros and puked in the bogs at least once

  • Sure
  • I’ve never been to metros

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This is now the Welsh nightclub thread





Metros was great, until the smoking ban. Once that happened you could actually smell / see the club and realised how gross it was. Clwb was awesome.

Big place in my heart for alternative nights at the student union too. Fun factory on Monday nights was the tits. Long time ago now though.


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I was. I’ve lived in the Diff since 1998.


I like looking at this map

@ma0sm @shrewbie how much begging do I have to do for a mini DiS meet in Amsterdam later in the year?


Absolutely none xx