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I guess people will have to go by the many threatening signs wrapped with barbed wire and spattered with blood on the perimeter…


Oxo Tower, no? not my work, but fine work.


Don’t get it. I mean I get Oxo Tower being a euphemism, but what’s the link? Anyway, DELETED


PO was the one who asked where to take her mum when she was visiting London. To which someone replied…


@moderators can we please ban all banter on these boards


Like that, I think.


Should have selected the white Hollywood sign


or tell me where you are and I’ll add it if that’s easier


That is hardly even in Basildon though and would have required me remembering exactly where it was.


man, i always thought stockholm was right across the sea from copenhagen :frowning:

i’m really stupid


Yeah I still can’t see it. Can you stick me on central station in Glasgow please?




Holy shit, my company has an office in Basildon I used to commute to semi-regularly when I lived in the UK. Could have had a lunch meet!


That’s Malmo mate, you need to watch more BBC4


thing is, I knew about the whole copenhagen/x swedish city mega urban area :frowning:


No need for me to add to this really but have fun!


Looking at Sweden more closely now.

I like the sound of Uppsala


and Norrkoping


Aw :frowning:

Well, I’ll most likely still be here if you ever have to make a very long work trip to that office.


ffs Juke

can’t believe you deleted my studio pin - I was just about to add a selfie to that pin …me laying down some guitar on your Song for Jook last weekend that I was gonna put in the New Year selfie thread but DiS wouldn’t let me upload it for some reason. Where am I gonna post it now?