DiSers Map


I bet you do


It’s a very uppscale area ha ha


Changing all nicknames (db, bitt, dots) to their proper usernames and all, fuck yas. Don’t know why it’s so important to me that this is done properly but it is and you will fall in line.


You have a Games Workshop at least so that’s all that matters really.


Add it to one of your other pins. You’ve got enough, you maniac.


This is map diligence that i can really get behind. Great work jookey


Fair. Don’t touch my fucking stairs icon though.

(although I was planning on changing my username to dots at some point)


@balonz is easily the closest to the profk british home <3


nah quite liked that


Ah it’s because I wasn’t signed in. Thank you for the :field_hockey: however you spelt my name wrong!


oh, i get it :smiley:



these things have to be done right you know

I’m incensed
INCENSED I tells ya


Do you think that’s him? Reckon he’s closer to the M25 than that

That’s Frensham ponds right…


put it in the song thread and I will give you a like and tell you how excited I am about the song (very)


How are you pronouncing that prof?


almost certain he’s Aldershot, possibly Farnham based on data gleamed from the roundabouts he frequents


Ahem @Juke




Didded it.


fixed as heck