DiSers Map


u sure bout that






Quite often nips to Brooklands Tesco. Hence why I thought he was closer to the M25


massive rolled R


gonna have to see a licence for that banter, @japes


Can do any time. Also case should be specified lest you get DOTS when you want dots or vice versa.


But will I be 1101010 then? I mean are you on there as Juke or Jook?


Wahey. Big fan of my little pin now being a fox. Cheers, whoever…




i was going to add @casinobay in a canal but respected the map too much

that’s how staunchly anti banter i am here


you’re probably right tbh. didn’t he spend some time in Frimley hospital though? Would assume Kingston if he was in in the M25 area.


lol no


No, you’re Theo on there because that’s what your username should be.


theo your username is annoying as fuck


This map is a total state. Wouldn’t find these symbols on an OS map. @Juke sort it out.


Done I think? Fun!


Frimley is massive though


The symbols are fine imo


Whoever is WD19 5AY, sort it out.