DiSers Map


quite like how me, @Juke and @BodyInTheThames appear to be forming a protective Brexit barrier around all of you


Are they blocking another car in?


Was messing, I do like the beer symbol m9


Oh I laughed, and I shouldn’t have


proper dad joke, that.

you’re lost.



Anyway - I’m in Cardiff, if anyone fancies sorting me out


Us three should have a meet. Makes sense to meet in the middle, which seems to be where I am. I’ll let you two sort out travel arrangements.


Some DiSers doing well for themselves with a brand new car.


I know. No hope. Laughing at a theo joke ffs


the middle appears to be somewhere in the scottish highlands if we all travel the same distance




actually, probably the isle of man

isle of man meat?


mmm man meat


what if people are low-key doing shabs via their symbols?

I’m not, I chose a cute bunny rabbit


Pissed myself at his crop circle banter on insta the other day


i set mine as a warning because I will shoot anyone who comes here


really love the name of the taxi company funkhouser lives near

‘moonraker taxis’ :smiley:


I love this map


Big thing round my village. Heres the Wiki:
Legend has it that a consignment of brandy was landed at Hope Cove and was in the process of being brought across Bolberry Down to Malborough when the customs men were spied riding down the valley. The smugglers threw the barrels into Horsey Pool, but realised they could still be seen through the water in the moonlight, so started raking the surface of the pond. When the customs men asked what they were doing, they replied that they were trying to rake the moon out of the pond


nothing to do with the bond film?