DiSers Map


@Pale-eyedBadger as the nearest disser to you geographically, HELLO


Its rural Devon, what’s a film?


Really hoped this thread would reveal some surprise central Europeans and we could have fun times together. :frowning:

@ghostpony come back to Vienna


To be fair, “You Only Live Twice Taxis” carries a certain sense of threat.


“Dr No Food Or Drink”


Hackney Carriage License to Kill


The Living Headlights



@juke you know smiggsy isn’t a real person either, right


thank you for your diligence


The Spy Who Dropped Me Safely And Promptly At My Desired Destination


@japes lives behind nice n sleazys. dunno how the fella sleeps.


@laelfy lives on the train tracks!


I’m not surprised. It’s all a facade


that’ll account for all the delays


holy shit. my geography is usually excellent but it turns out I thought Melbourne was where Adelaide is (probably thought it was a bit further west than that tbh) and that Sydney was where Melbourne actually is.

gonna blame this on my lack of interest in visiting the place (got some extremely hot takes on it)


It is pretty warm down there


DON’T tempt me

Although life in Canada is making me miss it a lot lot less.


Well Sydney is both warm AND muggy. Terrible.

@imaperv I actually felt similar. In my head Melbourne and Adelaide are both pushed west further. I think it’s that I never really noticed that Victoria is just directly south of NSW and always thought it was a state to the west.

I still think the most horrific Aus fact is that Darwin at the top of Northern Territory is basically 42C all the time and pure hell but hey at least it’s on the coast so there’s all that beautiful sea to swim in. Except it’s full of salt-water crocodiles who’ll kill you in seconds. FUCK THAT.


It’s got a CD player



I don’t like my symbol. And I don’t live in Tilney All Saints.

I’ll move myself back to King’s Lynn, no worries