DiSers who are good at running (not ruining) a thread once they've started it

Big fan of how @anon5266188 runs his threads. The mints thread is a masterpiece.

Also a fan of how @ma0sm gives a like to pretty much every reply in a thread he creates. @xylo does something similar.

@witches’ enthusiasm is always a winner.

Any others?


What a kindly thing to say. Much appreciated.

pls teach me to be better at this
usually turn my computer off after starting a thread


Yeah I’d actually forgotten I’d started this thread until I got the notifications

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What distances are we talking here?

100+ replies

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actually, at least 50. or 30 on the music board

would you say you’re going to put more effort into running this thread than you normally would?

Outlook not good

So far it’s a corker.

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I was hoping for some other people to maybe nominate DiSers who run a good thread. It’s not really happened yet though. I have confidence that we might get somewhere once the preamble is out of the way.

Old @whatserface is good at it. I like how @thingy runs theirs too.


Not… playing … Devil’s Advocate…?


jacqueslebicsuit used to be good at it back on old dis

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He’s still knocking around as @Meatsqueak isn’t he?

oh right. hi jacques

Mostly just after really specific scraps


I feel I’m quite good at keeping a thread going but only if it’s a chance for me to be difficult and argue something ridiculous to the death.


My glory days of guaranteed 100+ repliers was no accident you know. It took diligent groundwork and careful curation to nurture those babies over the line.

CBA these days, of course.

I reckon they’re probably easier to do these days. There’s something about the likes / replies system that encourages us back to threads - on Old DiS you had to make a mental note of what you’d said where.

I’d be interested to know some stats about the number of replies in the first year of newDiS compared with the last year of oldDiS.