DiSers who do / don't / sometimes wear glasses - a guessing game thread

For example:

@hankscorpio - always wears glasses
@barleysugar - never wears glasses
um… @epimer - sometimes wears glasses?

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Inspired by this

@anon19035908 - always wears glasses?

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Rarely wear contacts these days because I’ve run out of the ones that are the right prescription and I’m too lazy to sort it out.

But I’m a full time wearer of some kind of vision correcting means.

Put me down for a sometimes

Oh the idea is that you have to guess whether someone else always/sometimes/never wears glasses

Only when I’m awake.
Unless I fall asleep with them on.

You have to guess

I don’t wear glasses

@Scout wears glasses but only really for the laptop.
@hip_young_gunslinger only got glasses a year ago but seldom remembers to wear them
@safebruv - no glasses but recent beard trim
@anon50098204 wears glasses and has a cat
@1000YearBanFFS - has reading glasses that he thinks make him look clever the nob
@Richie_Ronco wears em
@UncleRetrospective very comfortable with them

All guesswork - I could go on?


See, zxcvbnm gets it

I’ve got some contacts which I’m thinking of trying to put in my eyes

Fully always, pretty blind otherwise. Can maybe go 45 mins after getting up in the morning (shower, read, breakfast) without them, and similarly at night for reading. Otherwise vital to survival.

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@kermitwormit sometimes wears glasses which is why she can’t always see how dirty mirrors have gotten

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@JaguarPirate - would be crushed by traffic without glasses

@fappable sometimes wears glasses, as does @Gnometorious. @andyvine always does, but @colon_closed_bracket does not.





Yes, yes I do.

@he_2 sometimes wears glasses, sometimes doesn’t. Depends on his vision at the time.


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Gigantic Glasses


Glasses for the weekdays and contacts for getting pissed up at the weekend usually