DiSers who do / don't / sometimes wear glasses - a guessing game thread

It’s really hot when someone you fancy doesn’t normally wear glasses and then they wear glasses one day. Imho.


Don’t think so m8

Christmas day, bdays and other special days are contact days

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Always contacts for gigs in case my glasses get smashed off my face whilst dancing or jumping around.

What about gigs other than House of Pain?

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Yeah gig would be a piss up occasion so contacts are in

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Just need Vine for a clean sweep. @colon_closed_bracket what’s my prize?

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What’s your prescription?
I’m -5 and -3.5
Basically, if I’m not wearing my specs or contacts, if your face is more than 5 inches away from mine, it’s just a blurry blur.

I jump up
jump up to get down.

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-4.75, -2.25

you sunk my battleship etc

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Might go home actually

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Different glasses for different people.

I don’t wear glasses but I probably should go for an eye test.

That’s how they get ya

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:laughing: I’ll probably look like Dame Edna in them!

I wear glasses most of the time, apart from playing sports (contacts) and occasionally getting pissed in the summer (contacts to allow me to wear my nicer sunglasses.)

I’ve mentioned elsewhere I look weird without them.

-4.35/ - 3.75

Do you wear glasses, Discobot?

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:crystal_ball: You tell me first


Aaaah zeal, outlook good was a great pun, you should have left it!

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