DiSers with long hair

Like, past your shoulders I’d say.

What do you do with your hair when you sleep? When I was younger and had even longer hair than I have now, it never occured to me that I could do anything other than just leave it down. Led to a lot of instances of lying on my hair which isn’t great, and it also gets quite sweaty now that the weather’s warm. I tend to go for a top bun now, but then you can’t really wear your hair down or anything the next day and it also gets quite tangled and matted during the night.

I know that for African hair it’s common to use a silk scarf, but don’t know if that works for white hair???

Feel free to also discuss other challenges and/or joys related to having long hair!


You all have very lovely hair


Pretty much have a manbun 95% of the time, next-day hair be damned

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I got an electric razor to dea-

You know what, nevermind.

Yeah same. Just been trying to branch out a little lately, and it’s the sleep routine that ruins it for me.

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I wash mine quite a lot though tbf, just get up early if i need to look particulstly fabulous that day

I generally wear it in a top bun as mine is an annoying shoulder length that makes sleeping with it down pretty uncomfortable particularly in the heat. But I wash my hair every morning, I couldn’t sleep with it up if I didn’t because it it would look a complete state after having it tied up.

Yeah see I only wash mine once a week

Mostly just leave it however I have had it up, dating back to having to get up to do night feeds and wanting it instantly out of the way.

For keeping it ok-ish though I’ll put it in a loose plait (obvs not tight or it’ll go super wavy).

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Have tried side pigtails too to try to avoid it getting too messy

Theory being the it stops it getting tangled from being loose. Seems to work ok if you can get the correct amount of tension - enough to keep it in, but not enough to cause kinks. I got the idea from an offhand mention in a book so it must be a thing.

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my hair is a few inches past my shoulders. when it was longer i used to plait it in two plaits, but it’s pretty annoying having to do that before bed. i wouldn’t leave it up because i don’t want to end up lying on a lump of hair and top knots don’t really work on me. if i tried putting a silk scarf on it, that would fall off pretty much immediately as my hair is quite slippery. so basically i just deal with the irritation of my partner occasionally lying on my hair because i can’t find a better alternative

I used to do braids but my hands no longer work properly, so I usually just leave it down. I might go back to using a satin-lined cap, though. They’re nice and keep my hair from sticking to my neck.

Ya best protect ya (hair from sticking to ya) neck


I have the same issue with scarves of any kind, so I look for something like these:

Takes getting used to but don’t fall off easily,

My hair is long

thanks, but i don’t think they’d work for me. i have a fringe and i never have time to wash my hair before work, so i’d have to choose between push the fringe back and then go to work the next day with my fringe pointing in the wrong direction, or not push the fringe back and let the elastic pin it to my oily forehead!

1-0 japes

I used to always just leave it down and never had any issues but being on the 3rd floor south facing means this flat is humid and sweaty af and i tend to just have it up in a pony for sleeping which then means i have to have it in a pony the next day cos of the impending kinks (unless its hair wash day) but i only wash my hair every other day.
I would rather have my hair up and have a comfortable sleep than not and wake up with it soaking wet cos its fuckinh boiling because i would just dry shampoo it and straighten the fuck out of it anyway :sleeping_bed:

Oh yeah you always see this in old-timey films and stuff, don’t you. Might try this tonight!

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