DiSers with long hair

It was indeed an old-timey setting in this book! Hope it gives good results :crossed_fingers:

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See, the hair at the back of my head tangles a lot from the topknot situation. I might try silk/satin pillowcases at some point though.

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It has never occurred to me to not have my hair loose at bedtime. It’s not long at the moment but this is a revelation!

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Exactly! I was certainly in my late 20s before the thought even occurred to me.

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I got charged long hair rate for my last haircut, slightly irked was clearly medium

A loose topknot for me (only time I have it that way, never in public!) but yeah it doesn’t do me many favours the next day if I want it looking smooth, I do try and give it a good brush before bed if I remember and that seems to help a bit?

leave it down
feel like having it in a bun at night would put me on edge

I see your point, but it actually feels quite liberating for me.

Anyway — got two braids in for tonight. Will OBVIOUSLY update tomorrow on the experience.

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I’ve thought about trying these (just for general use not sleeping) but how securely do they hold your hair? My hair can work its way out of anything. Also they are clearly not invisible and should be called visibobbles

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My mate at school did the whole no-washing thing for a year or something and had really long hair. She just brushed the living shit out of it every day. It didn’t smell bad although I guess it also didn’t smell of lovely shampoo scents. Still she seemed to be really happy with how good it was.

When I was younger I used to enjoy fanning my hair out on the pillow like a princess but now I have a cat who likes walking across my pillow at night and sleeping on my head, I just put it into a top bun as high up as possible. I wash my hair in the morning, pretty much every day, so the messy bed hair isn’t a problem. Should probably wash my hair less but I love the feeling of soft, freshly washed hair so wygd?!


I wake up most mornings with a quiff instead of a fringe :grin:

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Does that mean you just lay on your back and sleep like that all night? :thinking:

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Doubtful. I change position quite a lot now anyway. But I remember I used to settle myself into bed like this, hair fanned out behind my head.

I used to be able to tolerate wearing PJs with BUTTONS on in bed though, so maybe :thinking:

So I slept with my hair like this last night:

Bit annoying, but better than just having it loose. Might test one big braid tonight, but there’s a lot of hair for just one braid tbh.


I sometimes use a silk cap, but it aint sexy and TBH I only use it for a couple of days post-colour treatment now. However I do use a silk pillowcase which helps to reduce tangles during sleep if you leave your hair down.

Most nights my hair gets put in a loose topknot using a velvet scrunchie (kind on hair) and this means when I take it down the next day it falls naturally into gentle waves and I just use my fingers to style it (or if I need to use a tangle teezer then I can get away with using a bit of serum and some protein spray). My hair has to be pretty clean for this to work though and if I’ve not washed it in a couple of days then there’s no point in putting it up to sleep, as it’ll be like a horrorshow when I wake up the next day regardless of what I try to do.

This is the dream - but does not happen to me

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There’s a v precise technique. And you need a velvet scrunchie or else it doesn’t seem to work (other scrunchies hols the bun too tight and you get kinks).

Only wear it up when I’m in a sticky warehouse busting sweet grooves

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