Disgusting things you can’t help but do

When I cut my big toenails I always smell them, knowing I’ll be disgusted.


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Picking my nose. Wont do it in public but at home if I feel a big un up there, damn right I’m having a go at it


I even smell my wife’s toenails

Digging big lumps of earwax out and smushing it as hard as possible between two q tips



Pick hair out of the drain or brush, every time I wash or brush my hair loads falls out and it makes me sick, hate hate hate it

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Seeing as we’re talking about toe nails - I bite mine. It’s just easier and does a cleaner job than using clippers, innit.

When i wash my hair i try to catch as much as possible as it comes out (then leave it on the side of the bath until after I’ve finished) so i don’t have to pull it out of the plughole too often.

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Do you have really strong teeth or really weak toenails?

(A strong stomach must be a given)

I haven’t been able to do this since I was about 9. Do you do yoga?

Dunno. I suppose they are a bit more heavy duty than your fingernails, but the white bits at the end of the nail still come away easily enough, I reckon.


Nah, just seem to be naturally quite flexible - it may or may not be relevant to this thread, but I can get my feet behind my head, for example.

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Hooray, I’m not the only one completely revolted by unattached hair in its myriad horrifying resting places.