"Disgusting" things you'd have no issue doing

Squeezing other people’s spots. In fact, I actively enjoy doing it.


Vom is the worst one for me, just cannot cope. Feels so… personal.
Vivid flashbacks to having to clean vom out of a urinal :sob: awful awful awful

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I’d eaten quite a lot of peperami in my time before I realised that there was a clear wrapper around the sausage that should have been removed as well as the outer packet.

Also never had a cheesestring, don’t think they were a thing yet when I was a kid.


Have kids, work in catering, nothing basic that’s bodily shocks you anymore. Like, I’m not claiming to be like a surgeon who’s chill with just poking someone’s exposed liver or anything, but I’ve cleaned stuff off things that you wouldn’t believe, shit off the side wall of a restaurant toilet wall, vomit from inside a sofa. All these things will be lost in time, like tears in rain.


Never really bothered me at all. Either kids or adults.

Had a few instances of elderly people shitting themselves at work and having to help clean up and redress them

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How did you not notice it came in a condom! Was it not unbearably chewy?


Did you give them free/discounted change of clothes?

Don’t remember ever having to give it much of a chew, teeth just went right through the whole lot. Didn’t have a notable taste of anything over and above just being peperami flavour.

Pretty much yeah.

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Pulling stuff out of dogs is a big part of having a dog, particularly any dog that is a snaffler. Ours once ate a comedy boob-shaped ball she found in the park, and shit out a rubber nipple the next day. Wonderous.


Personally I’m enjoying the idea that you also hadn’t realised there was an outer packet, and you’d been eating them too.

When I was a trainee version of my current job 20 years
ago I had to mash together three days worth of patients’ shit that was in a plastic bag and then take out about 100ml and do some very basic science stuff.

It was a test to determine how much fat was in the poo. Most of the patients had Cystic Fibrosis and it helped their dietians to determine their diet in accordance with a food journal they kept.

It was pretty nasty but had a valid reason. Certainly disgusting but would do it again if I had to. (But y’know not actively).

You can train and train, but no level of ‘drop it’ is going to stop them when they really, really want something. Silly dogs.

Dogs: will happily eat socks, cat shit, 10lb of raw meat, rubber nipples. Will refuse to eat a 5g worming tablet.


Inside a sofa

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Cleaning hair from a sink. Never bothered me like it does others

I recently posted on the music board and didn’t find it too unpleasant.


This one upsets me soo much, can barely look at my hairbrush when I’m picking the hair out

Don’t mind dealing with blood, just don’t like looking at incisions. Hate the look of flat skin being torn open. But blood itself, I’ll deal with it

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As the man with no hair in a house with my fiancée and her mum, this is a gripe.

I’ll do it, but I bloody wish they’d do it.

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