Disgusting Tuesday thread

Horrendous. Got up an hour early to prepare for a meeting that I didn’t get told about until after five yesterday afternoon, and you know what? The prep went really well, my brain is switched on and I feel great.

DISGUSTEN. I can’t be one of those people who gets up early to do a breezy hour of work before their daily nude Tai chi routine and gratitude meditation.

Namaste/fuck off


General outcry for people in Brighton who happen to have spare time as i am struggling to find help on the matter

Still looking for a means to get my meds. I can transfer money for fuel/bus/taxi and meds and give a little bit for your time. I really need them today if possible :weary:. If you can help please let me know. I’ll need to dm you a photo of my ID or have my ID collected off of me so it needs to be someone I can trust rather than strangers (which is why I’m not sending a taxi driver down to do it for me)

Copy and pasyed from facebook. Got bugger all sleep due to covid dreams and nausea :dizzy_face:

I wish I was you

If I had a pound for every time I’d been told that, I’d be able to unlock one (1) supermarket trolley


Shoulder is driving me bananas, and feeling a bit sad, but off to london later which means a night to myself.

Leaving Fig alone for over 24 hours, a neighbour is popping in but he’s not going to be happy about this. How will he seek his revenge?

Excoriating letter to The Times


Still in bed

Are you too ill to go or don’t want to cause you’re positive? You could mask up really well and pop in quickly. Maybe call ahead to make sure it’s ready and you’re not waiting/wait outside?


Gonna go for a lil pre work walk

Actually get a day to myself today. Gonna do a big walk. My daughter has a teddy bear picnic this afternoon at her new school as part of the transition from nursery, so gotta do that. Better dust off my teddy


Im too ill its d & v and need to travel 3 miles to get them. So too risky ry. Sorted now! Sisyer tested negatice today


Partner has left me… for an hour (actually a week). At a loose end with the kids today, literally CBA to make a cardboard city with them which is what they are apparently determined to do at all costs.

Been for a swim :swimming_man:

Now :coffee: and :computer:

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Got back from a couple of day’s leave to find a colleague has completely undermined me to someone else whilst I was away and they’re now on leave for a week so can’t even have a go at them. RAGING.

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Going for a bike


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On a train to that london, enjoying the school kids’ discussion

“[redacted] is scared of dogs”
“Have you even met a dog?”
“I don’t need to meet a dog to be scared of them!”
“He’s even scared of sausage dogs-“
“Actually sausage dogs are EXTREMELY violent”

Meanwhile the dog sitting across the aisle from them is like :flushed:


My Microsoft teams has just started a chat with myself and I was already feeling a bit weird this morning so that’s just finished me off :grinning:

Sausage dogs are so sassy, love watching owners shout their little sausies to come back to them and they never do. There’s one called Patrick that is constantly doing whatever the hell he likes in town, just hear his owner desperately bargaining with him “Patrick PLEASE!”



Got told last night that we’ve to leave our studio/rehearsal room in town. Absolute fucking dose. One of the lads is going on tour in the US for three weeks on Friday, don’t know where we’ll put both his drumkits and all his keyboards.

My in-laws’ house is going to look like the interior of a music shop once I finish moving my stuff. This house move better happen quickly so I can get everything out of there.

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Do you still have a teddy rich?

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