Dishes you have invented

didn’t invent this, but turns out the Swiss enjoy apple sauce with their pasta.

  • not for me, Federer
  • ooo. Sounds interesting!

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peanut butter noodles


Last time I was in Glastonbury (town not festival) I had peanut butter cauliflower salad. Was alright like.

More commonly know as noodles with satay sauce.


Beans near toast


I regularly invent dishes but I never actually replicate them

Could you call a roast dinner ‘Meat near Veg’?

No, but I wouldn’t call it meat on veg either.

I think you could.

I can’t stop you

Did you marinate the sausages?

So do you like Swiss things now, thewarn

Sometimes make a nice dressing from one of Jamie Oliver’s books.
It’s got olive oil, soy sauce, balsamic, lime juice and chopped garlic, chilli and ginger. It’s very good.

THEN I chopped up some beetroot and added it to the mix and it is now the Dressing Of Dreams by casinobay.

Usually have it over broccoli or something like that!

Not I, but my mother was the creator of Peanut Butter Things. Thanks

does swallowing jelly beans like pills count?


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thank you

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Lasagna and hummus

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Hungover student doubleespresso invented and ate idli and frankfurters, and regrets nothing

You spelt Lidl wrong m9