We’ve got a really old dishwasher that’s really not doing a great job now. Really tempted to replace it but it’s an inbuilt one, and we are thinking about replacing the whole kitchen in 2019 anyway.

So is it easy to replace a built in dishwasher, and then transfer it into a new kitchen?
Also what are the current best makes for affordable dishwashers?

yeah - they are built to standard sizes (60cm wide for the normal ones I think, and 40cm wide for the slim ones)

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cool, is it easy to replace the door cover, and are there any screws or anything that might be keeping in secured to the units or worktop?

Ill be honest - I’m out of my depth now. I imagine there will be some screws involved, but nothing too complicated

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We had one in our old flat and don’t in our current one. We moved 16 months ago and I’m still not over it.



More hassle than theyre worth, constant upkeep, gotta refill the salt, emptying and reloading, oh some stuff isnt clean. Basically a kafkaesque nightmare in a box. £500


never had or used one. Don’t really understand how they work.

Washing up is nice anyway as your hands get warm

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I like hand washinģ my dishes. There’s something therapeutic about it.


This is the worst opinion that anyone’s ever expressed on this godforsaken website.


House came with an Ikea one in it. Once you know which cycle works best it’s pretty sweet, despite eric’s massive lies.

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Yeah, it’s not bad as chores go. Bung some nice music on, and have a little daydream.

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I ain’t got time for that shit, need to spare as much time as possible to fully descend into my centrist-dad midlife crisis.

Sometimes, yes. But it’s worth its weight in wanker beers at Christmas dinner. We are never going back to washing that shit by hand.

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Nah, ant doesnt like aubergine

Obviously, terrible vegetable.

Yeah, I cook alone so it’s very easy for me to clean up afterwards I suppose.

Yeah, fuck doing that if you’ve gone all out on it.

I haven’t got one, but my parents have. Think if there’s just one or two of you, then washing up is fairly manageable. If you’ve got a big family, kids, etc, it probably saves a lot of time in fairness.

That said, when I was a kid, one of my jobs was to empty it, which I remember finding a pain in the arse.

yeah that’s probably true, I only wash up for two so it’s not a huge issue.

Seven people around the dinner table. It used to take my dad and I more than an hour. We help mum with the cooking now - a better outcome for all.