Seven people around the dinner table. It used to take my dad and I more than an hour. We help mum with the cooking now - a better outcome for all.

Really don’t understand (outside of disabilities etc) how people can find loading and unloading dishwashers difficult. Put mugs and bowls in the top, plates in the racks, cutlery in the cutlery thing, pots and pans in the space that’s left. Then when it’s done put them back in whatever cupboard or drawer they came from. It’s not rocket surgery.

I used to have one and kind of miss it now I don’t - they work just fine if you load them properly. I always avoided putting big dirty pots in, easier to just wash them by hand and means you are less likely to get plates/ glasses etc coming out dirty

Don’t need one for my day to day lonely boy cooking - but when the kids are here it would be useful

Planning/ hoping to convert the back of my bathroom into a utility room, then the washing machine can go in there and I will have space for a dishwasher in the kitchen

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Maybe it’s people overloading it and trying to cram everything into it. If you make it difficult for yourself, it is difficult (and your dishes don’t get properly clean)

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So you’re saying people who don’t like dishwashers are idiots. Harsh but fair. Fully agree.


We had a 60cm one when we moved in, but hardly used it apart from occasions when we have guests.

When the new kitchen was installed we got a slimline. We do use it more, but probably not enough to warrant getting it.

My eye is twitching just remembering that dishwasher photo someone posted the other week.

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In answer to your question, yes, it’s pretty straightforward to swap out a dishwasher from one kitchen into another. They’re a standard size and the doors aren’t difficult to remove and re-fit.

The best makes are Miele and Bosch, but they are fairly pricey, however you get what you pay for with those.

Before you buy one, check the space you have at the back. In our place the plug for the dishwasher was directly behind the unit rather than in an adjacent cupboard so we had problems getting ours to fit despite it being a ‘standard size’.

Also, don’t get a Blomberg. Shit customer support, poor instructions and racks that don’t slide out too easily.

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cheers, I’ll take the old one out and check it out before buying and fitting a new one. Can live without if for a few days. Think Bosch looks sensible given online reviews.

I wish we’d got a Bosch.

Oh, and use Fairy Platinum or Aldi Magnum all in one tablets (whichever you can get cheaper in bulk).

You don’t need to use salt or rinse aid or anything else with them and they are meant to be the best value of all the tablets.

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Has anybody else heard of this double dishwasher thing?
Apparently more convenient but I imagine worse for the environment (although I’ve heard dishwashers use less water than hand-washing)
I don’t even have a single dishwasher

They are better for the environment than hand washing.

Nobody needs two.

I have two dishwashers in our kitchen in both homes and we love it!!!

Don’t even need to do that tbh. Constantly putting bowls and mugs below when no space up top. Takes a few minutes to empty. Just need to be able to recognise the shape of a bowl as a bowl so as not be completely stumped as to how to proceed when it’s in with the plates

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Our old and new ones are both Bosch. I wouldn’t consider another brand for a dishwasher.


We’ve got a Nobcheese one - it works pretty well but it’s one of those “partly integrated” ones with a bit of visible panel and that panel has some sort of plastic covering that is coming away and looks shit.

EDIT : Smeg, sorry. It’s “Smeg”.


It’s funny because “smeg” means “nobcheese”.

I KNOW!!! :joy: