Disintegration State - Ghost Halo - cielo 1.

that’s double the idiots that fucked about in a basement to make this one so it’ll be twice as good!


If we have anything approaching how good ‘Some People Just Never Know When To Leave’ is I’ll be happy.


aww, thanks man


Loving Bus Trips - that combination of crunchy lead and lovely ambient wash that builds towards the back end of the track is just perfect.


I mean, the whole EP is ace, but that bit stood out for me.


Just listened without seeing this, so I look forward to giving it another sping having this to hand. I thoroughly enjoyed it, on account of it being very good, imo.

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Cheers man, getting lots of good feedback

glad it’s out in the world and people are enjoying it


Just got this on now. Tight so far, on second track Alligator Souffle bouncing around like.


Cheers to everyone listening & downloading

I Heart Noise posted a handy track-by-track if anyone wants to take a look


Looks like another play on the Emerald radio tonight

nice being in the same show as Durutti Column & Pavement

:loud_sound: :ireland:


Ran myself an extra bath tonight to listen to this.

It’s fantastic!

Despite a plethera of pleasingly wonky and playful lead lines you’ve been smart and brave enough to keep the core melodies and beats minimal and slowly evolving and let the modulations and textures set the scene.

It’s very cohesive too which is a big achievement considering the amount of out there sounds you are layering at times.

I was going to say that Xanthe Acid Youth was my favourite with it’s disarmingly sweet pulsing melody right until I heard Some People Just Never Know When To Leave which is phenomenal and I think your best work to date. I love that funky groove you’ve created with the offbeat synth stabs and the almost sleazy and drunk lead line, just such a great combination of sounds that really sing together. Those little hi hat trills really make total use of the space left in the wake of everything too, very economical.

Of course it hardly needs to be said but the production is immaculate and everything really snaps.

Thank you so much for creating and sharing this!


Going in on the @BodyInTheThames release. Sounding good but how come it’s under ‘EP’ on Spotify? 5 tracks totally 41 mins is an album in my book!

I fell afoul of that when I released soma. They have strict definitions of what they will classify and <7 tracks is an ep to them. Apparently.


I assume there are overrides if you pay through the nose for another service to upload them or else maybe it’s also about the total length

I mean last year’s amazing Oranssi Pazuzu album is only 6 songs and 50 mins.

These are all classed as albums.

Thanks for the kind words Bammers

I haven’t actually tried listening to this in the bath, that’s probably the perfect place for it now I come to think of it :slight_smile:

Some People Just Never Know When To Leave is one of those tracks where the groove is just so solid that you can kind of put anything on top (I’d set out to try and make a Dilla type beat). So I had about 30 different melodies and textures and really struggled for ages to try and figure which ones were best and which to ditch but in the end I was like ‘fuck it, give them all a moment’ so it’s quite a dense sonic journey but seems to work because of the minimal sub, dubby bass leaving lots of room for all the tickly extras

Glad you enjoyed it. I’m getting a ton of great feedback on this release, much more than I expected to be honest. Thanks for listening

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& @Elights

yeah, weird isn’t it?

Different stores have different rules, some more leaning towards release length, others more militant about number of tracks. Spotify is the latter

You remember the Psychology of Machines EP I did back in 2014? 2 Longform live takes, one 14mins, the other 19 min. It’s a single on spotify, an EP on Tidal and a full price LP on Amazon :man_shrugging:t2:

How exactly is one to value music eh Theo?

to me 5 tracks, 42 minutes - that’s an LP


Yeah, I tried specifying this as an LP on labelworx but their rules of 8+ tracks or 45+ mins seemed to override it. Both of which seem way too high.

45 minutes is ridiculous. I reckon 85% of all albums ever made are shorter than that

What’s going on is like 35 minutes
A Hard Day’s Night is 30 minutes
Reign in Blood is 28 minutes


You guys just need Mars Volta it and split each track up into six parts


I should count in the album with “1, 2, 3, 4” making each word a track

Spotify would probably put ads in after “2” & “4”

Pretty rockist these streaming platforms eh?