Disintegration State - new Ghost Halo 😍



Totally agree. Really unique sound (vs our pastiches of drone and IDM) bursting with little ideas and flourishes.


Saturday bump! Spacejazztronica released yesterday on the label.


would love to bang some shrooms and watch this video


@gert really enjoyed the album, brilliant addition to a fine tradition of singular space odyssey albums, perhaps my favourite subtype of record. Lovely melodies and immersive aesthetic :+1:


wow this is really outstanding


looking forward to soundtracking tonight’s bath with this later :slight_smile:


Man this is a really great album, so many amazing things going on in here and the synth sounds are just perfect. The overall feel really reminds me of Mort Garson’s Plantasia (in the best possible way)!


an awesome and relaxing listen so far @Gert. Loving the wobbly synth lines and washes of phasing :slight_smile:


big thanks for all your lovely comments! Definitely the most proud I’ve felt of a musical project and it’s making me dizzy with ideas for the next thing.


finally watched the video earlier, it’s really really cool


Listened to yr album this morning, @Gert. Are you a fan of Pram at all? That homemade refrofuturist-ish space travel atmosphere jumped right out at me from the very opening


never heard of em. Any particular album I should attend to?


Their new album is definitely a good place to start (Across the Meridian). I feel like you’d really appreciate the video for Shimmer & Disappear too. (Can’t link from work rn)


Updated the Disintegrated Bangers playlist for Friday evening


Of course it starts with The Alchemist.



Will have some Alchemist-centric news to announce fairly soon…


Oh snap.



We’ve successfully figured out how to turn electronica into gold.


DiSintegration State HQ:


All that sweet, sweet ambient gold