Disintegration State - new Ghost Halo 😍



Oh hey there @colossalhorse


I can’t find a gif quite happy enough to capture my reaction to this.

What a lovely, lovely review.


:grinning: richly deserved - brilliant record and I’m excited to get it out there tomorrow


I’ve been getting less and less sure about this one the further I get from it tbh but things like this make all the worry and self-doubt worthwhile.

Also a big fan of write ups that make things that happened because I accidentally dragged the wrong thing to the wrong place sound like things I spent hours meditating upon.


Hurrah! Official new release day for the great bunch of massive equine lad that is @colossalhorse

Six tracks of beautiful, constantly shifting ambience and drone, and even some submerged techno beats. It’s very, very good indeed.

Also, for some reason Spotify’s classed it as an EP, even though it’s 44 minutes and 6 tracks long. Great classification algorhythming Spotify!



To be fair I was trying to get away with calling it an ep for ages. Calling it an album makes it feel more like A Thing. But I guess I’ll just have to accept that I have Done A Thing.


Didn’t realise it classed Is All as an album though. Silly spotify.


4 tracks and 31 mins? That’s an album.
6 tracks and 44 mins? EP mate.

That’s universally accepted that is.




Apologies for the grotty brown envelope - I did order some nice cardboard mailers but they didn’t blummin’ turn up.




Can you guys stop releasing music, I keep putting tracks on the pod and I’d like to play more Boards of Canada.

This is a joke.


Sorry man but between @AphexTwinkletoes and @Bamnan I think we’re close to releasing stuff bi-hourly in 2019 :wink:


I only have 1.75 albums ready to go right now…


Well I expect that to at least triple over xmas. And if my calculations are correct Bam’s due to wake up and decide to record another masterpiece any day now.


I have the cassette of the new MueseuM release on my shelf at home…


Negating Time in Tlon is such a banger!


I’ll shelve Mute Branches - “500,000 Side-Length Dronetastic Power Ballad Anthem Bangers Unplugged” then




What a handsome bunch :heart_eyes: