Disintegration State - new Ghost Halo 😍



Shit, thanks for the email, I keep forgetting to download.


Lovely little write-up in Electronic Sound magazine this month following the recent feature on Sunbane :blush:


Cerebral! Elegiac! Fine!




Also worth noting that we have managed to get ‘Leg Bop’ printed in a proper magazine FAO @UnicornPorn


Waaaaah. Not sure he even looks on here anymore but I will show @TrainBoy later.


New music!

Back in September we put out Sunbane’s soma which earned him an ‘Introducing’ feature in Electronic Sound. The album bangs from start to finish but arguably the standout track was The Alchemist which we’ve now remixed into several new forms.

@TVDenimChap offers up a playful 8-bit video game mix. I’ve gone full noise and also, naturally, lounge jazz. Then we close out with Sunbane’s Massive Attack style vocal mix with frequent collaborator Agiris on the mic.

@Elights has also produced an awesome nightmarish dystopian video to accompany the original track.


Seriously, remixing your in-label tracks is such a fucking good idea.


Oh, aye, “Beats of Rage” haha



Really pleased with how this lot turned out and it’s cool what different directions folks have taken the source material in.

Find remixing pushes me into new ways of working I can then apply to my own work. Defo want to do more of it!


Pretty sure this is lifted from you mentioning the original made you think of the game!


I am very insightful.


Really love that video. I had the privilege of watching @elights do live visuals in a similar style for a few other electronic acts on Wednesday night and he’s incredibly talented at it. The dude’s a straight up polymath. Really excited for his set in Manchester.

I haven’t got around to listening to the remixes yet (bar the fantastically bonkers effort from @tvdenimchap) - my morning listening is sorted :+1:


Set in Manchester you say?


Thank you!y eyes did feel like they were going to start bleeding by the end of the last set though 2.5 straight hours of watching YouTube having a panic attack.


So I’m a half wit and never really ventured into the social boards of DiS. I’ve said it other threads but the talent of the artists on this label is remarkable. Amazed at the talent of the DiSer’s.

The new Alchemist track is some industrial digital yumminess. Lateness Veins Full of Static was the tits too. This label is going to go places! Keep up the good work.

I need to buy some shit and support the cause.


Cheers buddy! :pray:

Would highly recommend checking out Sunbane’s album soma which is where The Alchemist was originally released.

Reckon you’d be well into Lowering’s drone work too.


I’ve already listened to all of Lowering’s stuff, love it!

Working from home today and drinking beer so I’m going to throw on the Sunbane album now. Cheers!


Very impressed with soma so far. Spaced out for a bit during Yugen/Cog and had to make sure my playlist hadn’t switched over to the new John Tejada Live Rytm Trax (which I was listening to earlier), as it was a straight dance party in my living room.


great production value on this…