Disintegration State - new Ghost Halo 😍



I just told my fiancee that someone described my record as, “the tits” and she looked at me disapprovingly. I appreciated it though!


oh its a good thing :joy:


any chance you guys will be live streaming this or sbd recording?


Hadn’t considered it but now I am!


Definitely up for someone recording at least some of my set. Happy to get it up on YouTube afterwards too


I’ll know if I’m OK with mine being on there when I find out during the show whether it’s (more likely than not) utter dogshit or not


Is this the Disintegration State artists first collective live show? Must record if so, you guys are on to bigger and brighter things and would always be nostalgic to look back where you started.

in my Jeff Dude Lebowski voice that’s just like my opinion maaannn…


It is our first time as a unit. Could maybe do a live release if we can record it nicely.


It’ll be my own first ever live anything ever

I’m in way over my head


Are you Mute Branches the Spotify playlist? Thoroughly enjoyed your recordings on there. Some great dark drone type stuff. Don’t think your in over your head at all.


He is indeed. And he has a fantastic LP out in January.


It’ll be the first time a lot of us have even met each other! :grinning:

In theory it shouldn’t be too difficult to do a sounddesk recording… any of us using ableton could just record straight in that. I’ve been recording my practices as I go to figure out what works.


Bloody great record this one.


wow ya’ll have never even met either! Great that as a community you guys came together for your love of electronica/ambient/drone/etc. Wishing you guys nothing but the best from here in the states!


Thanks buddy!


it’s an honour to be complimented by the godfather of grunge :wink:


Finally did a bit of work on my set. Got a Phantom Brickworks / Basinski ish opening sketch.

Might work on some quality stage banter to compensate for the actual music itself


When you said ‘sketch’ I assumed that’s what you were going for anyways.

"So I was with Basinski t’other day and he says to me, “HNNNNNGGGGGOOOOOOWWWWWOOOOOW” so I says to him I says, “oi Basinski you don’t half drone on don’t yer?”



I hear you guys like drone?
Well here’s a Hecker va good one!

Is this thing on?


Just gonna do one last cheeky bump for the Sunbane remixes.

And then we’ve got a debut EP from @Benny16 out tomorrow to close out the year.