Disintegration State - new Ghost Halo 😍


Just read through this whole thread - there is SO MUCH DiS State stuff for me to catch up on.

But my main feeling is WHAT AN INCREDIBLE SIX MONTHS @AphexTwinkletoes @McGarnagle & @colossalhorse deserve so much props for making this thing real and getting the radio and press rolling in in such a short space of time

amazing stuff

Also, Lowering is my 3rd most listened to artist on Spotify this year behind Kali Uchis & Metro Area :- double big up @McGarnagle

and also this

great work all round



Just seen your edit lol

@Bamnan is my 3rd most listened artist this year, and @AphexTwinkletoes and @McGarnagle are both in my top 10. Wicked wicked music.



Aw well thanks to you and @BodyInTheThames :relaxed:

Hard to believe stuff like this is true but makes it all worth it x



believe it



Cheers buddy :smiley: I’ve said it before but your own music and the way you’ve presented it was part of the inspiration for the whole thing.

Ridiculous innit. We have fortnightly releases lined up through to end of Feb already too including a wonderful @manches-brute LP which will be our first of 2019.

Also, just got the Sunbane/Agiris vocal mix of The Alchemist on. Gonna lobby @Elights to make a full-on trip-hop record…



Holy moly! Thanks man! :grin:

I’ve said it a bunch of times in the past but your and @Bamnan’s music was a huge inspiration behind us starting this thing so it’s a real privilege to hear you say that.

Genuinely can’t quite believe it’s only been six months. By the end of the year we will have 29(!) releases. That’s pretty incredible.

Over 17 hours of music and 205 tracks once @Benny16’s EP launches tomorrow:

The music everyone’s been making is just so good!



Little story for you. Had a little business trip to Amsterdam last week. Realised in the airport I’d forgotten my Kindle so was perusing the magazine section in WH Smiths - they had one copy left of the previous month’s Electronic Sound which I nearly picked up to re-read. When I saw the review of the label last week it got me thinking that right now there could be some bored business traveller picking up this month’s edition and then reading about Dia on their flight and listening to it in their hotel room later that day. How cool is that?



It’s been a privilege being part of this. It really does feel like we’ve been at this longer than 6 months.

So much good music in such a short time. Never fails to blow my mind how much talent we have on these boards. I wouldn’t be releasing music at all if it wasn’t for @aphextwinkletoes and @mcgarnagle setting this up and I wouldn’t be working so hard to get decent at it.

Really excited to see what 2019 brings!



if i may join in, this whole thing has certainly made me work harder on my own stuff and think more about how i present it. it’s also taught me some rudimentary design skills and i’ve taken up photography as a mini hobby as a direct result. all told it’s cool af to be part of this project.



I’m so happy to be involved in all of this! Thanks to @AphexTwinkletoes, @McGarnagle and everyone else on the label for having us!

It’s really making Arty and I pick apart our work a bit more because the standard is so high on the label and we don’t want to submit anything sub par (which is why we didn’t submit the Christmas album to the label.



oh I didn’t know I was mentioned in a magazine! Awesome




oh that’s lovely. Good work!



I’d totally echo this, hearing the amazing things that everyone’s been making and the levels of presentation and just general awesomeness has been incredibly inspiring, even as an outsider! Definitely made me raise my own game, and I’m so happy for everyone involved.



I’ve been enjoying the graphic design side too and being associated with the label has definately made me work harder on my own stuff, hopefully the ep is somewhat up to par.



Wait until March… I’ve produced around half of Agiris’ album with co-production on a couple of others. Probably the closest I’ll get to a full trip-hop album. Hoping to do more with him in the future too, after the next sunbane record.

I’d also like to add to the general effusive praise. I was pretty disillusioned with the whole ‘pour soul into making music - upload to band camp - 17 plays and an invitation to click on a link from a bot’ cycle. Having a proper outlet and knowing there is an audience for what I’m doing really gives me a reason to carry on doing it. Big thanks to both of you.



Our final release of 2018 is the debut EP by The Gibraltarians (aka @Benny16) who has delivered 5 tracks of sunny electronics to perfectly timed to coincide with the winter solstice :upside_down_face: Some proper Tycho vibes for me in the shimmering melodies and instrumentation. Great little release to close out the year :slight_smile:



Had a listen to this yesterday on BC, it’s awesome!



I’d like to echo pretty much what everyone else has said. I can’t believe that it really isn’t that long a time since it was just a little idea brought up in an old thread; and it’s come on so massively in that time, and developed a nice bit of traction pretty much instantly.

Now I tend to find myself with way less time for making music / thinking about making music, Dis State (as Bricolage had been, too) has been great for giving me a bit more focus in how I use that time. Massively looking forward to how much further things will go in its second year of existence (partly for selfish reasons :wink: )