Disintegration State - new Ghost Halo 😍



Thanks again for releasing this and apologies for the late response I’ve been pretty hectic with work this week


mine are entirely selfish reasons tbh. :clap: i :clap: want :clap: a :clap: fur :clap: coat :clap: made :clap: of :clap: all :clap: the :clap: drugs :clap:


Pleasure! Great little release :slight_smile:


@manches-brute love the album cover, reminds me of stuff I used to make with layers of tracing paper, but this is obviously much better :+1:


I think the music will be up your street too :slight_smile:


Looking forward to it so much.


Ive got a ticket to the gig now


Yay! Leeds meet in Manchester!


I’m sure your work is / was way better than mine! Part of the cover is actually a photo I took of the washing up water because (iirc) the tree outside looked cool reflected in the water that had collected in a little oven tray that had all bits of burned food still left in it.

Also thank you massively for your extremely kind words! :slight_smile:


New tracks sound :lips::ok_hand:


Cheers! I’m really happy with how the masters give them that extra sort of sheen. I’d listened through to my old versions so many times, these finished versions just bring everything out that little bit more.


New Mute Branches album day tomorrow :partying_face:


Super excited for folks to hear this. And thanks for the support :slight_smile:


Mute Branches - Notanymore

We’re kicking off 2019 with a fantastic album by @manches-brute ft. Marlon & Ro$coe

MB is one of those artists on a label with a really unique sound, but I’ve described it in our press release as a lovechild of Oneohtrix Point Never, Beach House, and Fennesz. From our bandcamp page:

This is music for imagined stories in imaginary places, perhaps reaching its evocative apex in the peculiar grace of The Sunken Restaurant. The artist has described the album as a β€œsense of taking a walk through a world irreparably torn apart by excess and whatnot” with the music made up of β€œthe remnants of memories and things from abandoned or decayed places”. There is beauty in these ruins amidst the long-forgotten tales of sorrow that wrought them and Mute Branches would love to be your tour guide.

Also on all the streaming services.

Basically, this is really bloody good.


Ro$coe’s flow is sick as.


Saturday bump for the Mute Branches EP


Listened to it last night and absolutely loved it. Love how the songs don’t go where I expect them to in a really great way. So much to uncover. I fell asleep right at the end so any more detailed thoughts have been lost to that, but I know I will be listening to this a lot.


Listened yesterday and it’s fucking wicked. Nice one @manches-brute


I spent a decent chunk of yesterday zoning out to Zoner I & II. His sound is a hard one to pin down - I got as far as deciding the opener sounds a bit like the soundtrack to a long lost and possibly haunted SNES era Square RPG. The rest doesn’t sound like that and I got too lost in it to come up with comparisons.


yeeeeesssssssssssssss (there are a couple of SNES RPG samples in both the Zoners bc of how much I love that sort of atmosphere). If the next one sounds anything like I plan it to, that sort of tone will be turned up to a billion

also thanks again, everyone who’s listened! :slight_smile: