Disintegration State - new Lowering 😍 (oh and live night!)



a very rare occasion of actually being able to listen to a DiS State release uninterrupted (I hope) on the day of its release

my do a first listen review or ‘liveblog’ of it here later on if anyone wants that?


might* not my of course


I think I speak for everyone when I say that we all want this.


big up yrselves


A new job and a new album - not a bad 24 hours for ol’ Aphex, eh? :smiley:

I’ve not had a cheeky listen to this one ahead of release; I thought I’d save it for a Friday treat. Looking forward to digging into it once I’m done with this run of shitty meetings.


The Creation of Ends, maaaaaaaaaaaannn

Intensity intensifies


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

You’re my hero


You’re a good man Vine, a damn good man.


I probably put this in the wrong thread in the first place:


gonna do this after lunch

wish DiS still had nested replies though, wanna do it track by track as separate posts rather than the whole thing in one big block


So, I’m lying on my bed, headphones on, laptop on my knees, looking out over the snowy wastes of North East Stockholm - a scene not too dissimilar to “We’re all Human”'s cover art

…pressing play…


gonna listen on my walk home!



No soft and snowy start this

Fists of fudgy 303s being slammed down over a distorted beat, slow crystal pads creeping over the machine fury, dual melodies in call and response high and low tones.

the fury subsides momentarily before crashing back in, more long languid melodies come stretching & sliding in over the incessant physical backdrop like a bucket of shiny worms slowly poured over a Mecano building site

…and then it fades


sacked off delaying, put it on at work. nice view of leeds on a cold day. can never resist doing an impression of that “doing doing doing” synth squelch when i hear it. like how it goes apeshit, them whizzing synths. a 10 from me


Someone has just signed themselves up for PR duty


i gave you fkn poetry here





a fade in, wobbly lfo pads over a now light industrial hammering, giving way to bottom end

tubluar sounds moving across the audio field. A polite cacophony of portamento lead lines competing for centre stage, splintering left and right. In slightly confused dance of flashing diodes and whirring motors I see the robot has maybe had a few oils too many to pull of any smart moves but is definitely having the time of his life …



…bell like arpeggios in alternating octaves ping ponging through a major-minor progression and

oh, that’s it


By the way @AphexTwinkletoes is Disco Robot a tribute to our very own @discobot?