Disintegration State - new Lowering 😍 (oh and live night!)




Ends as in West End Girls? The opening chord is an echo of PSB but soon we’re again in cold black ocean territory, this time with a pulsing semi-motorik beat, broken clicks and strikes, doom voices

…and a piano. I feel we’re back on land now, towing our boat over grassy hillocks through the mist to the next loch. Oh shit, there’s dragons here as well. They don’t want us here. Crikey, there’s thousands of them. They’ve retreated here to protect themselves from us. They’ve surrounded us with fire. We’re trapped. We brought this upon ourselves.



Some relative calm all of a sudden. Almost new age. Feels like we died in the last scene and we’re ascending through a holy well, pixelated now, we’re in Tomb Raider on the Sega Saturn. Is it a Celtic landscape or a Japanese Holy Mountain? Are we reborn?


Still suppressing my urges to do a full psychill album…

First draft of the album finished on Creation of Ends but it felt a bit negative!



Feels like I’ve been through a film and this is the end credits. Wait, it’s giving way now, morphing again …can’t tell if this is the loading screen now and we’re going to start again, the euphoria is lifting, right up

and then, slowly fades


This has made my day @BodyInTheThames :grinning:


This was all really lovely to read. But what the people really want to know is: What’s the mastering like? :wink:



Definitely feels like dystopian fiction; it’s in space, it’s in the sea, it’s in mines and on Holy Mountains. It’s a film, it’s a comic book and it’s very definitely a computer game. A real journey.

No standout melodies or tidy arrangements or even signature sounds more of a shapeshifting sense-journey. Very interesting.

I think I like Hope best but hard to say on first listen.
Excellent work @AphexTwinkletoes


Thanks dude. Means a lot x


don’t mention it
quite a disturbing record though…u ok ?


I’ve always thought that under that cheerful, collaborative, encouraging demeanour lies the beating heart of an unhinged lunatic.


Ah I’m good thanks - some major life things have fallen nicely into place after a lot of uncertainty. It was an emotionally draining few months for various reasons when I was making the album though. But everything around the label and working on music was really the thing that kept me relatively stable :slight_smile:


The like is for things falling into place nicely, obviously.


the healing and cathartic power of music innit :+1:t3:


Tuesday bump for last Friday’s release.

Also, new @McGarnagle album available to pre-order on Compact Disc.



Remember compact discs?
They’re back! In exactly the same form.


think this is my favourites of yours so far, especially the second half. the creation of ends is great, could have done with another couple of minutes of it


Thanks man! You will be pleased to know that my live set finishes with a reworked TCOE (more distortion and, if I dare say so myself, a really cool Mogwai-esque finale)


Gods but The Creation of Ends is SO GOOD. Fill my head with distortion, drown out the rest of the noise in there.


Yeah, with We Are All Human and the new Lowering next Friday, you are really spoiling us…!