Disintegration State - new Lowering 😍 (oh and live night!)



The ambassador’s reception* of record labels! :grin:

*Probably should have posted that in the “outdated cultural references” thread…


Gotta have records to tour* with!

*play two shows


Sadly I’m probably not going to be able to make the Manchester night now after some absolute parsnip (me) wrote our car off last night. It was a bit of a decadent expense as it was but with that surprise cash-hole opening up it’s probably not doable now. Harsh times.


Ah mate I’m so sorry to hear this. Hope you’re doing ok.


Thanks mate. I’m alright, thankfully the consequences are just a lot of hassle and expense. Could have been much worse.


Glad to hear you’re ok mate. We’ll miss you being there, but just pleased you’re not hurt!


Lovely words on the upcoming Lowering album from the venerable Electro Review.


More lovely words about the upcoming Lowering album!


New album from Lowering (@McGarnagle) out today! Sleep In Perpetual Storm is a masterpiece of ambience and drone to drown in. Beautiful but often unsettling with occasional melodies twinkling above the waves of harmonics. Drukkna, in particular, makes for a monumental centrepiece - the sound of an ocean rising to swallow everything.

Available on Bandcamp as a beautiful CD or on the usual streaming services.


Hey gang. Will I be able to get a ticket on the door on Saturday? Hoping to come but have a long run in the morning and sometimes it just completely does me in for the rest of the day. Hopefully will be able to drag myself to sheffield station and get over to see you all though


Yep for sure!


Cool. Will hope to see you there :+1:


Do it do it do it


@AphexTwinkletoes and I sat down for a chat with the legendary @andyvine about a week ago and now our chat has been published by God Is In The TV.






had to edit out a lot of gushing about basically everyone because of word counts (which i went over anyway but my editor didnt spot) but suffice it to say, if you were on the sampler or have been released since all three of us love you very much


I’m extra super pleased that the nice words about my stuff made it in then! It was lovely to read.

Great piece you amazing folk you.


oh man there was a lot of stuff about your EP that i had to chop, srs :heart_eyes:


Can we have the unedited version here?