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Hello forum chums!

A few months back I got chatting with @McGarnagle on the back of listening to each other’s music and, reflecting on the amount of underexposed talent on DiS, we decided to float the idea of a comminity record label. Today marks the ‘launch’ of that label: Disintegration State with the release of our Sampler Disintegrated Journeys // Disintegrated Destinations

Available digitally on Bandcamp, Spotify and even iTunes (lol) as well as a beautifully packaged double CD, Journeys showcases beat-oriented work while Destinations is home to ambient and drone.

The quality of the music is astounding. The mission statement of the label is to promote underexposed ambient/techno/drone/experimental music which we really believe deserves a wider audience, not because it’s made by DiSers, but because it’s genuinely excellent. In fact, purchases of the sampler come with an accompanying guide where I wax lyrical about exactly why I love each contribution so you can see how giddy I am about the quality.

The label itself is effectively not-for-profit with the label’s portion of sales revenues going into paying for up-front production of things like the physical sampler and marketing (whatever that means) on behalf of the artists.

The entire initiative has been wonderfully collaborative, both among the artists and from everyone who passed on their thoughts and advice in the original thread. Special thanks to:

  • McGarnagle for mastering everything (he’s a wizard), simply doing loads of research on everything, handling all the finance and CD production admin, setting up all the social media, and doing loads of instagram promotion. And for taking the time to listen to the first thing I put out which set the whole thing in motion. Hero.

  • @chris-budget for the artwork designs (plus everyone who made suggestions and tweaks along the way) and templates.

  • @colossalhorse for being our press guy

  • @BodyInTheThames for oodles of advice and simply being an inspiration in terms of his music and drive

  • @Bamnan because his music was one of the things which convinced us we had enough talent that this was worth doing

  • all the artists (more on that later)

  • everyone who pre-ordered or who has generally conveyed enthusiasm along the way. This community is amazing :heart_eyes:

Gosh that was like an Oscars acceptance speech, huh?

Of course a sampler is only as good as the work it’s supporting, and we have not only an incredible back-catalogue but a line-up of releases which are all absolute gold. Our flagship release alongside the sampler is the debut by @colossalhorse as Veins Full Of Static called Is All

4 tracks of drone ranging from abyssal darkness to floating beauty. The first two tracks he shared were one of those moments which convinced me this was a worthwhile venture. Taking cues from Lawrence English and Ben Frost, it’s an essential listen for anyone into really accomplished music.

Next Friday we have @Bamnan’s first excursion into electronica which is just astonishing. My DMs with @McGarnagle the day he shared the album with us are basically just a series of :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: Imagine Bam’s unique knack for melody filtered through the soft haze of a mini Korg synth. Actual magic.

Then it’s one a fortnight through end of August at least. I think everyone is finding it strange holding releases back for months after their done!

Artist Title Release date
Various Disintegrated Journeys // Disintegrated Destinations 2018-06-15
Veins Full of Static Is All 2018-06-15
Colin Mawson Miniature Epiphanies 2018-06-22
Jacob Nico Outer Mongolia 2018-07-06
Steve Hadfield Ether Awe 2018-07-20
Mute Branches Lodge / Saint Helena (Remaster) 2018-08-03
Lowering Collapsule 2018-08-17
Adventsong Happy Accidents 2018-08-31

And so much more in the works!

Obviously we’re working on our #brand, so you can find us on the Twitter, notevenonfacebook, and Insta.


This is a long post, eh? I’ll stop here and then do one more to tell you who the artists are as I’m low on @s

Steve and the DS crew x


Love this! Ordered the sampler - stuff on Bandcamp sounds great. Well done all involved.


Artists are:

Henry Courgette (FKA Lump) - @Gert
The Gibraltrians - @Benny16
Lowering - @McGarnagle
A Touch of Berkshire - @chris-budget
Veins Full Of Static - @colossalhorse
Mute Branches - @manches
MueseuM - @Kallgeese
Adventsong - @TVDenimChap
Colin Mawson - @Bamnan
Jacob Nico - @BifoIsou
Steve Hadfield - me


Just downloaded, and hoping that my CD turns up in today’s post. Really looking forward to taking some time out to properly listen to this today. What I’ve heard so far has been great.

I don’t want to appear too fawning, but this really is an incredible achievement. Well done to everyone involved.


Thanks man, this has been lots of hard work but it’s also been an absolute pleasure to be involved in. It’s a bit of a dream come true to be part of a project like this.

And the main thing - and I can’t stress this enough - is how much I genuinely love the music that we’re putting out. It’s remarkable to me that there have been so many people on this forum quietly making weird and wonderful music in the background without the plaudits they deserve and it’s fantastic to be able to play a small part in hopefully getting it out to a wider audience. :smiley:


This is absolutely fucking brilliant. That CD looks :heart_eyes: too


SmartURL for the sampler ?

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Nah go for it! :wink:

But yeah, this is me whenever I’ve seen Eric3/4/5 at the pub after one of his albums!


Here are some Spotify links for things. I mean obviously you’ll want to hit up bandcamp because the CD has exclusive tracks :smirk: but nonetheless:



@colossalhorse’s masterpiece


Great work! :slight_smile: (I have bought the digital album because I don’t do CDs anymore.)


Guys, well done, each and every one of you. This is a brilliant project, and it’s lovely to see it come to fruition. The sampler, and moreover, the artwork, looks stunning. :heart_eyes:


Here ya go!

no, I meant smartURL like this


one link that lists all the places you can go to so you can choose your preferred method - it’s really good to have a single link to share

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Well that’s… smart. I will look into setting one of those up today!

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To reiterate what others have already already said, it is so cool you guys have actually got this up and running. It must have taken a lot of hard work from a lot of people to get it this far, hopefully it gets this music to some more ears than would have heard it otherwise.

Looking forward to the CD arriving, it looks absolutely beautiful (especially that sweet vertical artist name, visionary decision to put it that way up :wink:*)

*I think that suggestion was my one tiny contribution.


Woah, that’s pretty cool.

I didn’t even know that was a thing!

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Oh hey yes it was! :heart_eyes:

It’s been a lot of work, but fun work, not hard!


yeah, it even recognises devices & locations and shit

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humbled by the quality talent and effort of everyone involved in setting this up, creating the music, artwork, production & promotion.

Also anybody who has purchased of course!

Thank you so much x